Best Sympathy Flowers You Can Send to Express Your Grief

Sending sympathy flowers is a kind way to convey your care to someone who has been through a difficult time, whether heartbreak or losing a loved one. Is it better to choose one or the other? For your ease, we have collected a list of the flowers you can send sympathy flowers. Continue to read on to get more info about sympathy flower arrangements and what to write in a sympathy card that you must know.

List of the Best Sympathy Flowers 


There is no greater symbol of love than a rose, an endless cue that someone is thinking about you. A wide variety of colors and fragrances are available in roses, which are faint and wonderfully smelly. The red rose conveys love and romance, the yellow rose brings cheer and pleasure, the white rose means cleanliness and a fresh start, and the cream rose bears charm and care. Thus, white and cream roses are a new beginning, a chance to move forward while remembering the past, and a reminder that you are in the thoughts of someone special.


It is well known that carnations have a unique scent and beautiful ruffled petals. A funeral wreath or memorial arrangement commonly contains these blooms. Consider red carnations for sympathy flowers delivery to convey your support to the family or pink carnations to preserve a loved one’s memory.


You will find orchids to be the perfect choice if you are looking for unique, all-occasion flowers that add style to any space. White and pink varieties are available, denoting dear, loveliness, extra, and forte.


With a beautiful bouquet of wild native flowers, you can send your condolences in a manner that is in harmony with nature. A beautiful arrangement of luscious native flowers featuring blue gum and the best seasonal blooms, these pleasing arrangements are sure to enhance any space. It is believed that native flowers are symbolic of power, guard, joy, and flexibility and come under the celebration of flowers. 


Relying on the event and the intent of the sympathy, the lily is an appropriate flower for sympathy. It is common to associate lilies with funeral services and losses during these times. A lily symbolizes resurrection in Christian traditions and conveys the idea of a soul that has been reborn through the verbal of flowers. Consequently, lilies show a start and a new view on lifespan; this does not really imply that you must forget the past.


Forget-me-nots are a popular flower representing remembrance and memories. Their presence truly shows how much the deceased meant to you. By sending this bouquet of blue blooms to the departed’s family, you are sending a message that they will not be forgotten and will have a lasting impact on your life.


Undoubtedly, anthuriums will foil any sympathy flowers bouquet due to their stunning appearance. Anthuriums are available in various colors, including white, pink, and deep red, which evoke a happy temper, signifying abundance, happiness, and hospitality.


It is commonly believed that hyacinths represent sorrow and anguish at funerals, but their meanings can vary. Hyacinths improve funeral services and convey a sense of peace and support to mourners. During Greek mythology, Hyacinthus, a Spartan prince who suffered a tragic accident, is remembered by the flower “hyacinth” created by Apollo.


The leaves and stems of these flowers are blade-shaped and they are available in a diversity of colors. Also, they are used in sympathy plans. Thus, due to their similar look, they convey a similar message. There is nothing like lilies and gladiolus to make a special occasion even more memorable.


According to flower experts, these are the best flowers for sympathy. These show love and how much you miss them by placing them at the grave or sending them to their deceased family. If you require occasion flowers, contact the experts now.

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