The past years have witnessed an influx of party products and themes. The advent of the novelty coronavirus also imbibed a stay-at-home party culture. People did not want to compromise on the decor and make their loved ones feel just as impressive. Using Instagram and Pinterest, they have dug up several reference images to create a party-like set at home. Items like balloon decoration in Delhi have undergone several changes that led to many different balloons being sold in the market. Selling ready trays is also a huge fad. These trays consist of goodies and various food items arranged in an esthetic way to engage the person on the receiving end.

Other decor items like candles have also gained significant momentum. Brands like Bath and Body Works are introducing highly concentrated candles with a lasting aroma. Other quirky candle designs have also found their way into the market. However, balloon decoration in Delhi remains the most remarkable development. Different shapes, sizes and designs of balloons are now available. They perfectly sync with changing themes and add a youthful yet attractive outlook. 

Glossary Of Party Products To Invest In 

These products are a must buy. People must also keep these reserves at home in the event of a rainy day. The products are: 

1) Latex balloons: These are slightly different from the regular balloons sold in the market. They have a classier appeal and look great when stuck to the wall or left down on the floor. They are available in different colors and project a variety of graphics. Their sizes also vary and can be metallic on the surface. The juxtaposition of various unusual elements coming together creates a unique harmony and appeals to the viewers. 

These balloons are a great catch because of their versatility. Their supreme quality promotes reusing, providing people that do not deflate by force. Some of these balloons also contain confetti, which is an exciting twist. 

2) Foil balloons: Another enticing party prop is foil balloons which are available in several formats. It could read a message or be carved as a number or reflect dainty shapes. Nevertheless, these balloons are an ideal adornment as they instantly perk up a setting. They are not very expensive and also apt for reuse. The durability, price point and usage makes it an attractive prospect. 

3) Fairy lights: Owning a pair of these is imperative. They can completely modify the facade and are exceedingly handy. They are available in differing colors and shapes, contingent on the use. Hanging them on a curtain, accompanied by balloons or clipping them with photos, is a beautiful combination. It never disappoints and has an otherworldly charm. People can also use them later to hang up in rooms or during Diwali. 

4) Faux plants: Another versatile party addition is faux plants. They create a harmonious yet mature outlook to the comprehensive decor. Pampas grass is a beautiful yet classic insertion that one must invest in. It not only compliments home decor but also pulls the entire look together. People can also put other faux plants to use because they provide an ideal pop of color in the scenery. It livens the setting and grants a more vivid outlook.

5) Cushions: Investing in uniquely shaped cushions and ones with tassels is a good buy—they plaudit the party theme and manifest colossal versatility. It is more rational to invest in neutral colors because they are easier to arrange. A throw blanket accompanied by cushions formulates a great look.

6) Wooden trays: An attractive addition; people can use wooden trays for several purposes. From displaying foods to gifts, wooden trays are a unique accessory. They come in various designs. Rustic and round trays are positively trending. People can decorate it rightly to provide an enhanced look. 

7) Candles: Be it scented, or unscented candles are a scintillating accessory. They provide an apt amount of light in the decoration and look very dainty. Their appealing shapes are very enticing and make them an exciting prospect. The glow of candles can instantly elevate a space. Investing in slightly more expensive candles will ensure their longevity and aroma. They usually come in glass bottles, hence avoiding any fallout.


These are some of the items that people must collect to plan a birthday party. Owing to their versatility, they are very efficient. Most of these items are also reusable and do not cost exorbitantly. Their composition looks magnificent and is a must-have. Individuals can also seek party ideas from several bloggers on Instagram.

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