Online Event Registration: The Complete Guide

Are you tired of long lines, missed opportunities, and lost money? If so, you’re not alone. Event registration has always been a pain, but it’s only worsened recently.

Online event registration is the answer to all your problems. Not only does it make the process easier for attendees and event organizers, but it also provides many other benefits that are too good to pass up.

In this guide, we will discuss the different types of online event registration, as well as the benefits of each. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right system for your needs.

What is Online Event Registration?

Online event registration is the process of managing and securing registrations for events through an online platform. Traditionally, this has been done using paper forms or manually entering data into spreadsheets.

However, these methods are cumbersome and inefficient, which can cause all sorts of problems when successfully holding events. By contrast, online event registration systems streamline the entire process by making everything easy to manage and reducing the chance of errors due to poor organization.

Different Types of Online Event Registration

There are many different types of online event registration, each with its advantages and disadvantages. We will explore the three most common types: general-purpose platforms, bespoke solutions, and open-source software.

General Purpose Platforms

General purpose platforms are web-based applications that can be used for various purposes, including online event registration. Some examples of general-purpose platforms include Eventbrite and

The advantage of using a general-purpose platform is that it is usually easy to use and requires no technical expertise. The downside is that they may not have all the features you need for your particular event.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions are custom-made for a specific client or purpose. Regarding online event registration, the software is designed specifically for your event.

Bespoke solutions can be tailored to your needs and include social media integration and custom branding. However, they usually require more time and money to set up than other types of online event registration.

Open-Source Software

Open-source software is freely available for anyone to use and modify. While there are many advantages to using open-source software—such as customizing it to your needs—it can be more difficult to set up and use than other types of online event registration.

Benefits of Online Event Registration

One of the main benefits of online event registration is that it makes the entire process easier for attendees and organizers.

For attendees, this means faster access to information, as well as increased flexibility when it comes to finding their preferred tickets and registering for an event. For organizers, it means a reduction in administrative workloads and reduced costs associated with organizing events.

In addition to all these practical advantages, there are also some intangible benefits of using online event registration systems that are hard to measure but can be just as valuable. Here are some examples:

Increased Visibility

One of the main benefits of online event registration is that it increases the visibility of your event. Traditional paper-based methods make your event only as visible as your promotional materials.

But with online event registration, your event can be seen by anyone with an internet connection. This increased visibility can help you reach a wider audience and boost attendance at your event.

Smoother Operations

Another significant benefit of online event registration is that it makes the whole process smoother and easier for you and your attendees.

Attendees can register for your event any time, day or night, without waiting in line or filling out paper forms. And you’ll have all the information you need—including contact information, dietary restrictions, and special needs—in one easy-to-access place. That means no more lost paperwork or missed deadlines!

Better Reporting

Online event registration also provides you with better reporting capabilities. With traditional paper-based methods, getting accurate information on who has registered for your event can take time and effort.

But with online event registration, you can quickly generate reports showing how many people have registered, what type of ticket they purchased, and other important information. This helps you plan your event more effectively and make adjustments on the fly if needed.

Choosing an Online Event Registration System

When choosing an online event registration system, there are a few essential factors to consider.

  1. First, think about how much control you want over the platform itself. Open-source software is likely your best option if you prefer complete flexibility. On the other hand, if you simply need a system that works well for your purposes without any customization, then a general-purpose platform may be the best choice.
  2. Second, consider how much support you need in training and assistance with using the system. If you are okay with handling things independently, an open-source option may be more suitable. However, a paid service might be preferable if you want access to experts who can advise and troubleshoot when needed.
  3. Finally, consider what type of reporting you need from an online event registration system. Dedicated online registration platforms like Eventtia will provide some basic report data for free, but more detailed information may require additional payment or access to proprietary software.

With all these factors in mind, here are some recommendations for different types of organizations that could benefit from online event registration:

  • For businesses that frequently host events, a general-purpose platform can be a great way to streamline the process and increase efficiency. These platforms often come with additional features, such as eCommerce support, so that you can sell tickets or other items directly from your web page.
  • If you are based in a smaller city or region and want to market events more effectively to potential attendees, then you might benefit from using an industry-specific platform tailored for your location. This will help ensure that anyone searching for events near you will find information about yours first.
  • Open-source software may be essential for organizations such as universities or non-profits that need specific reporting capabilities for grant applications. This type of software can often provide advanced analysis tools at no cost.

As you can see, online event registration has a lot of benefits that make it an attractive option for many organizations. By weighing the pros and cons and considering your unique needs, you should be able to find a platform that is right for your business or organization. Good luck!

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