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Our working world is subject to constant change and the focus is increasingly shifting to New Work – a term that is certainly familiar to many and introduced by But what exactly is behind New Work, and how does New Work change our working methods and working environment?

What does New Work Mean?

New Work puts the needs of the employees in the foreground and demands a completely new mindset from the workforce to do justice to the corporate culture in the office and huddle rooms, and the structure of global and digital change. The focus of the New Work concept is on meaningful work with free decision-making and further development opportunities as well as flexibility. In addition, New Work creates new management methods, working environments, flat hierarchies, and increased agility in companies.

Companies that successfully implement the New Work concept in their offices and huddle rooms are seen as significantly more attractive employers. Employer branding has rarely been as important as it is today because the lack of staff and the search for suitable talent for new professions that did not exist a few years ago are presenting many companies with new challenges. Companies that actively rely on New Work are often far more competitive and sustainable than companies that do not implement this concept.

The World of Work 4.0 and New Work

Digitization in the world of work 4.0 makes work more digital, more flexible and processes and the workforce are networked like never before due to fascinating huddle rooms provided by We can work with people from all over the world without having to rely on local contact.

However, the world of work 4.0 goes beyond this digitization and also changes the organizational and management structure as well as the culture of the company. Here, too, New Work plays an important role, because in the world of work 4.0 the desire for an individual design of work, which is adapted to their own needs, is increasing within the workforce. The strict hierarchical management style is replaced by a culture of trust with a high level of personal responsibility and self-organization.

New Work Creates New Working Environment in Huddle Room

New Work, by, not only changes our management style, corporate culture, and processes but should also be reflected in our working environment and in the workplace and huddle room. Our working environment should inspire us and be a place where we feel comfortable. A work environment that is tailored to our needs and desires can significantly increase our motivation and commitment.

In addition, different teams, project groups, and departments should have the opportunity to work closely together and share knowledge and experience with each other. Individual offices are ideal for concentrated and undisturbed work and for completing confidential tasks. However, there is a lack of personal exchange with colleagues and the sharing of perspectives and expertise from different areas, which is of great importance for a strong corporate culture and innovative ability.

When implementing New Work, our individual needs are always the focus.

Flexible and modern workplaces tailored to New Work can significantly increase creativity and productivity in the company. To achieve the best results in the team, but also in the entire company, the working environment should be adapted to our new working world and the requirements of the workforce.

The New Work workplace – Smart and Modern

There are different ways to make the New Work workplace more modern and efficient. Various office concepts are often considered that offer our working environment more flexibility and are tailored to our needs as far as possible.

1. Co-Working Spaces

Flexible office and huddle space builders by, such as co-working spaces, create smart office concepts for the new requirements of agile teams and project groups. Co-working spaces are characterized by flexible workspaces, usually in large, open rooms that are shared with several employees.

Working together in co-working spaces brings the entire workforce closer together and also promotes knowledge transfer and innovation. Experts from different industries or departments can work together and actively share their knowledge with others. The open atmosphere in co-working spaces improves communication between different departments and can promote the development of joint projects.

2. Desk Sharing

Desk sharing is also a popular office concept for New Work. With desk sharing, there are no fixed workstations. Each employee chooses a free place before starting work. Especially in times of hybrid and remote work, many workplaces in office buildings are only partially occupied. Desk sharing allows companies to use all areas of the office freely, so that space can be flexibly created for meeting and concentration areas, for example.

The direct exchange and flow of information between different teams and departments are also promoted by flexible workplaces, which in turn can have a positive effect on the company’s ability to innovate. New ideas and projects can arise through closer cooperation, as experts from different areas meet.

3. Smart office

Intelligent office concepts are indispensable in our digital world. With Smart Offices, the needs of employees are addressed directly, processes can be made more efficient and time and work are saved through digitization. In smart offices, the focus is on efficient collaboration with the support of technology.

The modern and smart office design and furnishings should not be missing from the New Work concept. The requirements of employees have developed significantly over the years. Sitting in front of the computer for hours without any movement or variety can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health. Adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs are not only good for our bodies but can also significantly increase our productivity.

Creative areas and retreats should also be integrated into a smart office. With a constant high level of noise and outside distractions, everyone should be able to retreat when the opportunity arises. This is implemented in large and open-plan offices, for example with telephone and meeting boxes, because these divide large rooms into smaller, separate areas.

Design Your New Work office with will help you find your New Work office and support you in implementing efficient and smart office solutions. Are you looking for an office for your company, team, or project group? Get in touch with our experts and we will find the right office for you!

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