7 Easy and Time-Saving Ways to Stitch a Blouse Online

You can’t deny the fact that a perfect saree can ruin your whole look if you don’t select the right blouse. Thus, you might buy a gorgeous saree but if the blouse has no glam, sorry my friend, your money isn’t worth it.

Most women struggle to get the blouses done as per their needs. Hence, they settle for ordinary blouses done by the local tailors. These tailors might not be able to deliver the needed designs, styles, fabric, or fitting that can match the beauty of the saree. There’s another section of people who don’t have time to look for proper tailors and spare time to visit them for their outfits. In each of the cases, what can you do to help the situation?

Well, I am sure you have heard about ‘blouse stitching online’ services but haven’t explored them yet. These are online websites that help you save the time and energy of running to the tailors. You can get blouses stitched with the help of a few clicks. We’ll tell you how it works.

1. Right Measurements

Remember to wear the right bra for the measurements. If you are wearing a bra with in-built cups, it may disturb the measurements of your bust area. And the final output may not be as desired.

Measure your arms, shoulders, and bust areas twice before submitting your measurements online to avoid any errors and to get a blouse of your own size.

2. Check Reviews

You get an opportunity to choose your favorite tailor in the online stitching services too. If you’re not sure or are doing it for the first time, you can always check the reviews section where the former customers leave feedback. Based on the reviews, you can select your tailor.

3. Explain as Much You Can

For any service, detailing is extremely important. A product can have proper finishing if you give the most details. This shows that you have a clear picture in your mind that you want your blouse in a certain way and are not vague in your thoughts. When you can express yourself clearly, this brings clarity to the tailors too and you will be able to receive the desired outcome.

4. Share Photos of Inspirations

Along with the ideas of the blouse, if you have some images of the blouse that you are inspired from, attach them with the explanation. This brings more clarity to the tailors to help you get the desired look.

5. Choose the Right Design

While buying a saree, you should always have in mind the design of the blouse. The look of the saree is certainly going to depend on the blouse. So, if you want something unique, classy, or elegant depending upon the occasion, you need to select the right design of the blouse.

There are many default designs already listed on the websites. But if you want customized designs, you can certainly go with them too.  However, always remember to choose a design that makes you think ‘I can pull it off!’

6. Choose the Fabric

After the design, the next step comes to choosing the fabric. This can depend upon the occasion where you want to wear the saree. Apart from that, the fabric must also be selected depending on the season. You wouldn’t be able to wear something that ruins your look in summers or makes you look flimsy in winters. Net sarees always go best with net blouses. Hence, always consider the factors and make the best-suited choice for you.

Some fabrics are very light in nature. At such times, you may also need a matching lining with it. Don’t forget to consider these linings while choosing your fabric.

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7. Fine Fit

How would you feel about a woman who wears something baggy or very tight that doesn’t fit her right? Would you like people to laugh at you in the same manner? This is why proper fitting is extremely important.

Your blouse will help you pull off your saree only if it fits you properly. So, ensure that you give correct measurements of your arms, shoulders, and bust in an accurate manner.

When you get all these services from the comfort of your home, why would you even like to visit the local tailors?

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