Ting Ditches Their Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Structure

Ting Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator known for its ‘pay for only what you use’ mobile service has ditched its highly customizable service options in favor of much simpler plans.

This change doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since Ting Mobile is now under new leadership after being acquired by DISH Network just a few months ago. DISH also acquired Boost Mobile earlier this year as a part of the conditions laid out by the US government for the T-Mobile/Sprint merger and plan to have their own wireless brand up and running by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

Ting Mobile previously had a use your phone less, pay less pricing model that priced out all services individually. You had to choose how many lines you wanted, minutes needed, texts needed and a data plan. For example, one line ($6), with up to 500 call minutes used ($10) and 2 GB of data ($20) equals $36 a month. Although that sounds like Ting turned mobile plans into a math problem, it was actually a really good deal for customers who didn’t use their phone all that often. With this pricing structure, customers weren’t overpaying for minutes or data they were never going to use.

However, as good as this all sounds, this pricing structure also discouraged potential customers that relied more heavily on their mobile devices. Moving away from Ting’s previous pay-as-you-go pricing structure is a smart move on DISH’s part that makes Ting more of a viable option for moderate and heavy users. For most people data plans less than 2 GB for a single line is an unrealistic expectation with how connected we are today.

New Ting Mobile Plans

The new service plans at Ting look much different than they did before by closely mirroring what Ting’s competition offers. New Ting customers can now choose from 4 simple phone plans compared to the myriad of options they previously had in an effort to uncomplicated shopping for new phone plans.

FlexUnlimitedUnlimitedNone Included, No 5G$10/Mo.
Set 5UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB$25/Mo.
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited22 GB$45/Mo.
Unlimited ProUnlimitedUnlimited35GB$60/Mo.

Even though Ting has made the switch to less complicated plans, it appears they’re still committed to maintaining some of the flexibility we’ve all grown to love too. No matter what phone plan new customers choose, they aren’t stuck in these data plans. If they use up all their data in a given billing cycle, customers can “top-up” their data anytime for $5 per GB on all plans except Ting Flex. Any unused top-up data isn’t lost either and will carry over to the next month.

As always, Ting customers can BYOD (bring their own device) or they can buy a new one if they choose to do so. Potential customers that choose to bring their current device will need to check to see if their IMEI is compatible on Ting Mobile’s website. Ting’s mobile phone selection has greatly improved as well, bringing the latest and greatest smartphones available to their network including 5G capable devices like the Apple iPhone 12, Google Pixel 5, Samsung S20 FE 5G and more on the way as they are released.

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Existing Ting Mobile customers aren’t out of luck with all these new changes. Customers who were with Ting before the DISH acquisition can choose to maintain their current rates for now or they can upgrade to the new plans if they choose too as long as they with a compatible device. Ting Mobile publicly stated that if you’re an existing Ting Mobile customer that wants to switch to any of the new plans, you can, but may need a new SIM card to do so. If your device is locked to Sprint, it’s likely you’ll also need a new device.

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