Tips on How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, Australia and is the second-most populous city of the country. Melbourne is also known for having a multicultural population. The diversity within the people of Melbourne gives the city a unique personality with different cultures celebrating different occasions at any given month. Almost all festivities, no matter what culture celebrates them, will most likely involve the use of flowers either as decorations or as gifts. Using flowers on special occasions keeps flower delivery in melbourne shops busy throughout the year. 

Everybody enjoys receiving flowers or having flowers in their homes or offices. However, flowers will not last forever, especially if they were cut from their main plant. Some flowers may stay fresh longer than others. It is therefore essential to follow these procedures if you want to keep your flowers fresh longer. 

Cut the Stems

 Trim the stems of your flowers at least an inch immediately after receiving them. It is best to cut at an angle to prevent the exposed portion of the stem from resting at the bottom of the flower vase. Place the flowers in a vase with water after cutting. 

Prune the Extra Leaves

Before placing the flowers in a vase, remove the excess leaves. Removing extra leaves will make your flower arrangement less crowded. Likewise, extra leaves may fall below the water line, which may rot and stimulate the growth of bacteria. Bacteria eat away the exposed stems causing the flowers to wilt faster.

Use the Right Vase

While you want the look of your flowers to stay fresh longer, you will also want the stems to stay straight longer as well. You can achieve this by choosing the right vase to put your flowers in. Flowers with weak stems should be placed in taller vases. Heavier and larger flowers should be cut short and placed in low wide-mouth vases. 

Feed your Flowers

Cut flowers no longer have the roots that can continue to give them nutrients to stay fresh longer. However, you can still “feed” cut flowers by adding ingredients to the water. These ingredients are designed to keep flowers fresh longer by preventing bacterial growth, providing nutrients to the plant cells, and controlling the pH level of the water. Vodka is one ingredient that you can add to the water to prevent the production of ethylene, a compound that can wilt flowers faster. Most flower delivery in Melbourne has supplies of flower food you can purchase. 

Replenish the Water Often

Cut flowers will get nutrients from the water through capillary action. However, if the water is filled with bacteria, the bacteria will enter the flower capillaries as well causing them to wilt faster. If you want to keep your flowers longer, change the water every three days and make sure that you clean the vase thoroughly with detergent and warm water. You can check to see the quality of the vase water by smelling it for an acidic odour. This odour is an indication that bacteria has started to grow and that the water needs to be replenished. 

Refrigerate Your Bouquet

You can also keep your blooms longer by refrigerating your bouquet overnight then return them to their vases during the day. This practice is ideal if you have enough space in your refrigerator, and if your home tends to be warm all day. Flower delivery in Melbourne services may give you flowers within the day; however, you should follow the above tips to make your flowers last several days longer. 

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