7 Transportation Tips to Get Around in Slovakia

Slovakia or the Slovak Republic is a country located in Central Europe, near the borders of Austria and Hungary. Its capital city is Bratislava, which is now a center of attention for tourists around the world. The castles of Slovakia capture the attention of the tourists in winter when it is all covered in snow giving it a fairytale look. 

Transportation in Slovakia is through roads, rail, air, and river. Its rail network is well developed, about 3,662 km long and has a highway system spread over 225.25 km. The international airport is in Bratislava.

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Information for the Tourists

The major towns of Slovakia have made sure that tourists coming to Slovakia must be facilitated properly, so they have a tourist office for the sole purpose of providing guidance and support. The staff in the office is usually English speaking. The tourist office is open from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and on weekends the timings are 9 am to 2 pm. In winter they close the office an hour before the usual timings. The maps are also given to the tourists by the office and are also available in the book shops and hotels.

Parking in Slovakia

The parking options in Slovakian cities are sophisticated and offer numerous features to facilitate the car owners. You can pay parking fees through parking machines or via SMS. On weekends parking on the streets is usually free of charge. The parking system is almost the same for all Slovakian cities. The average parking rent all around Slovakia is 60 cents for 30 minutes.

Transportation by Car

If traveling by car, then the highways are well built and in great shape. The distance becomes short and the scenery alongside the road is something to watch. A road trip in Slovakia is more preferred by the tourists than a train trip. 

Transportation by Train

Traveling by train is usually not preferred because it is slow but scenic too. Train journeys provide the chance to view all the beauty of nature spread throughout the countryside of Slovakia. Local trains stop everywhere. For domestic journeys, tickets can be purchased at the station even on the day of departure.

Transportation by Bus 

The network system of buses in Slovakia is more extensive and well developed. The bus company of the state is called Slovenska Autobusova Doprava or SAD. The tourists can buy the ticket from the station in advance or from the driver only on weekends or in the mornings. The bus routes timetables are also available online at cp.atlas.sk.

Transportation by Bicycle

Slovakia is much of a mountainous region and therefore not so great to use bicycles. The countryside around Bratislava is although well built and maintained bike paths that are spread into Hungary and Austria. The tourists can carry their bicycles on trains as it is allowed. 

Transport Risks for Tourists

Road safety has always been a concern for tourists when traveling, but in Slovakia, road safety is a major one. Slovakia has the most dangerous roads in all Europe according to the safety chart of the European States. The tourists when driving has to be cautious especially when driving at night. The taxis there usually leverage the tourists trying to overcharge them, so be careful when using taxis and insist on the driver to use a meter.

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