Top 5 Text To Speech Voice Over Software

Are you an eLearning instructor or related to content creation work but facing a problem with a smart voice over? Then this article will be a life-changing solution for you. Today I am going to give you the top 5 online texts to speech, voice over video software which will give you the best voice over output with the real human voice.

Best 5 Online Texts to Speech software:


Murf is an AI-based text to speech tool which makes it super easy to add voice overs to videos, images, slides, and presentations. It has ultra-realistic human-like speech synthesis and various voice variations possible. Unlike other tts tools, it is a full-fledged video editing tool as well, which makes it very easy to time the voices in sync with the video. It also has stock background scores that can be added for free. Its free plan includes 15 minutes of free voice over.

Price and plan: started its basic package from basic $6 to pro 12$ per month. Also, you will get a chance to use their software free for 15 mins length of voice over forever.


Ivona is a concern of Amazon and this is one of the good text to speech software in the market. It has more than 47 human-robotic voices with 24 languages with both men and women voices.

The quality of the voices is very near to real humans. Also, you will get some extra functions to speed up and down to adjust it as you want.

Price and plan:

Their price started from $29.95 to $159 per month.

3. NaturalReader:

NaturalReader is a well-recognized tool in a content creation community for its availability of different voices and languages. They have a feature called OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) by which you can listen and download the voice-over on your computer.

Price and plans:

  • They start their premium packages from $9.99 to plus plan $19.99 per month.

4. TextAloud 3

TextAloud 3 is a popular text to speech tool developed by nextUp. It can produce your text, to speech in 29 languages

Price and plans:

Their premium package starts from $29.95 to $99.95 according to your needs. They have a trial package as well as testing the software.

5. Read The Words:

Read The Words also a good tool with 15 different voices and it has the ability to translate your text into English, Spanish, and french and convert it to speech.

Price and plans:

The premium package starts with 10$ per month and the yearly package $39.99 but free users can generate 30 seconds voiceover from it.

Wrapping up, I wanna say that, there are lots of text to speech software available in the market but if you want to ask me about which one I will prefer most for my own projects then, I wanna go for because it is the most realistic text to speech voice in the market which is sound like a real human. Their control panel is very user-friendly and most importantly their package price is the lowest in the market. 

Besides that, before spending your hard-working money on any of this software, please try their trial package then if you satisfied then go for the premium version of it.

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