ClickFree Review: The Best Phone Trackers to Track Boyfriend’s Messages

When I learnt the fact that it was possible to track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing, I was in disbelief. It seemed like an unattainable goal and a sheer waste of time and energy. But, a rampant google search and failed experiences later, I discovered a reliable spy app. 

As my boyfriend spent more time texting left, right and corner and was compulsively obsessive with it, spying on his phone occurred as a natural solution. Ergo, the search results for a spy app brought out multiple suggestions. 

Despite the bewildering alternatives, I was able to discover ClickFree, an essentially web based spy application. ClickFree does not bring out any false promises or claims and protects the interests of the user. 

So, if you have been wondering if there was a way to remotely access your boyfriend’s text, this article would give you all the relevant advice.  

All About ClickFree

ClickFree is a web based spy app that essentially provides you the capability to read someone’s text message remotely. Your boyfriend might be in another continent and you would still be able to view his phone and the conduct holistically. 

Most people tend to delete the messages that can pose a threat or problem to them. ClickFree is a way to know what your boyfriend has been drafting or deleting. You can get access to the non-articulated inbox of your boyfriend’s phone and see the reality as it is.

However, there’s more to ClickFree than just text viewing access. There are some immensely powerful spying features that the app is loaded with. These features definitely make ClickFree a very desirable spy application:

Stealth Mode

While all spy apps have a so-called stealth mode, ClickFree has a stealth mode that allows complete anonymity to the user. No one can identify you or your intent of reading the message. You operate in a spy like manner. 

No Jailbreaking Requirement/ No Rooting

Jailbreaking or rooting mean breaking into the target phone to initiate access procedures. This could be risky and even a suicidal attempt if you have to do so every single time. ClickFree does not necessitate or mandate any unnecessary information. 

With just the bare minimum information, your spying can be spearheaded. No rooting or jailbreaking into the target phone is required or even necessary. You can view in a completely remote manner and the suspicions could be kept to their very minimal. 

Top Features

As mentioned earlier, you can view much more than just seeing text messages remotely. You can have unlimited access to someone’s media files shared, iMessages, emails, notes, GPS location, social media, etc. You can have access to everything anytime.

ClickFree also has a very interesting keylogger feature that allows users to see keystrokes on someone’s phone. This means that any message that was typed but not sent, deleted, drafted, etc. can be viewed. This is like seeing right through your boyfriend and his feelings. 


Being a web based application; there are no software download requirements. You could be sitting in front of your desktop spying on your boyfriend without him knowing. Resultantly, lesser trails lead to lesser suspicion. 


The user base of ClickFree is proliferating each passing day. Spy app users can’t stop recommending this top spy application that offers a dependable platform to spy on someone. 

Reading boyfriend’s text message without his phone

As a matter of fact, ClickFree offers the perfect platform to read someone’s message remotely. Whether your boyfriend uses an Android phone or an iPhone, you can spy on his phone in an utterly remote manner without any suspicion. 

Below is the step by step procedure that could offer you more clarity into how to go about the spying:

First, the new users require to register on ClickFree’s web based app with their email ID.

Second, post registration, selection of a plan should be done. You need to browse through the monthly plans that ClickFree provides and choose the one that meets your budget and requirements. 

Step3, When selected, you can pay for the plan. After this, you will get a set up link on your email ID. The setup process is simple and effortless. All you need to do is read and follow. Within minutes, you will be able to get done with the set up.

Then you sign in and now is the important part. You will need to select the target platform. Target platform means what is the kind of phone your boyfriend uses. If he uses an iPhone, then you select Target platform as iOS. If he uses an Android phone, then you select Target Platform as Android.

If the platform is iOS, all you need to do is to enter your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials. You do not need to enter any further information other than the iCloud account and the password. As and when you enter it, ClickFree links with the target iPhone. You can begin with your spying.

But if your boyfriend uses an Android, the procedure will tweak a bit. As soon as you enter the target platform, you need to download the app on your boyfriend’s Android phone. This is because Android’s security features necessitate this step. 

Every spy app has to abide by this rule and ClickFree can also not override this requirement. But, ClickFree still manages a safe route. The moment you download ClickFree, you can hide the app at the same time.  

ClickFree app has been designed in a manner that it only weighs 2 MB, which is very less. It doesn’t attract anyone’s attention or even create a hunch about some app occupying the phone’s space. The app will vanish from everywhere. Once this is done, ClickFree will link from the target Android phone.   


ClickFree was the most reliable solution to track my boyfriend’s phone. There was a lot he was hiding from me and this spy application was an eye opener. For people who turn a blind eye to cheating partners, you must not waste your time, energy and emotions on the wrong people. 

Without wasting further time, you can discover ClickFree and take help of this incredible platform to ensure that your relationship is what it seems. It is better to know a bitter truth than live with a false sweet lie.

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