Tracking Desk Occupancy With IoT Solutions

Are you wondering how to effectively track your desk occupancy? Keeping an eye on the number of employees in the building is crucial if you want to promote social distancing and reduce unnecessary operational costs. How can you monitor your workspace with an intelligent occupancy tracking solution?

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What are Occupancy Tracking Solutions?

An occupancy tracking solution makes it possible to effectively and efficiently manage office space, individual desks, meeting rooms, and common areas. Special sensors installed in the building collect and send information in real-time to office and facility managers to ensure that they can make informed decisions regarding space availability. Thanks to such solutions, companies can decrease their operational costs and keep their employees safe by promoting proper social distancing, which is particularly important in the pandemic era.

Top Benefits of Tracking Your Desk Occupancy

An occupancy tracking solution that allows office space managers to keep an eye on the number of employees in the building can bring various benefits to their businesses:

  • It helps to utilize the space more efficiently by using hot desks, meeting rooms, and workstations to the fullest
  • It allows companies to refine their space design to ensure that the available equipment and rooms are used effectively
  • It helps to reduce the carbon footprint caused by air conditioning or heating running when the office is empty
  • It makes it possible to decrease unnecessary operational costs and up or down-size the office if needed
  • It allows office space managers to promote proper social distancing, which helps to ensure that employees are safe and can stay at least six feet apart, and take off their masks when they’re in the office
  • It helps to draw valuable conclusions to implement necessary changes such as staggered scheduling when necessary
  • It helps to increase employee satisfaction, as modern occupancy tracking solutions provide office space managers with the necessary information that allows them to pinpoint areas for improvement.

The Takeaway

A quality occupancy tracking solution allows company owners and office space managers to keep their fingers on the pulse of people flows and make informed decisions regarding their businesses. Modern IoT and software solutions help to create efficient and effective workspaces that are more profitable and meet the expectations of employees. Check out available options and track your desk occupancy to earn more and keep your specialists safe!

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