How to Stay Healthy While Traveling and Avoid Getting Sick?

We are born wanderers. 

The Earth beckons us to move from place to place. We are all infected with the wanderlust that made our ancestors colonize the planet. 

Restless, curious, adventurous, and passionate, we can’t be chained down. Our soul longs to be on the go. But while giving in to the travel bug can be psyche-satisfying, it can cause a fair number of health issues; Dehydration, an upset stomach, accidents, malaria, are just a few of the disasters that could be awaiting you on your journeys. 

So, before beginning your voyage, check out these seven tips that can make for safe travel

Travel Tips to Follow Before Embarking on Your Journey

1. Take necessary preparations before you leave

Before leaving for the destination, take some preparation. 

Find out what the medical situation is like in that country. If it does not have proper medical facilities, you may have to take a more extensive first aid kit. 

Get your kids vaccinated and pack the whole gamut of pills and vaccines recommended by your local doctor. 

Antibiotics, sanitizers, creams, whatever you require, pack it. 

There is, however, hardly any need for unwarranted paranoia. 

Relax. Your immunity system is probably strong enough to counter-attack any breaches. That’s one advantage of being a frequent traveler.

2. While traveling, get in some exercise

While traveling, you will be sampling a great many of the delicacies offered by your country of choice. And if you are not too careful, the pounds can pile up insidiously; especially if your travel plans do not require you to be much active. 

So instead of merely lounging by the hotel pool, and ordering one Daiquiri after another, get yourself to the hotel gym and work out. Half an hour a day is sufficient to keep the weight gain at bay. And it will help you avoid the post-holiday blues.

While on vacation, try walking, yoga, breathing exercises, simple aerobics, anything that will keep your limbs supple and body in top condition. 

3. Be a stickler for personal hygiene

While on holiday, do not slack on personal hygiene. 

Take baths regularly. Pack a ton of wet wipes, tissues, sanitizers. 

While traveling in a group, wear a face mask for safe travel during pandemic. Sometimes the simplest ways of caring for yourself proves to be the most effective to stay safe.  

While out in the sun, slather yourself with sunscreen. 

4. Drink safe water

If you are traveling through countries where potable water may be an issue, buy bottled water, or ensure you are drinking boiled water. And take extra precautions when it comes to eating out. 

Even perform your morning ablutions with bottled water if you are not sure of its quality at your place of stay. 

5. You don’t have to try every local dish!

Have you ever heard of Gandhi’s revenge? 

If you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a sore stomach, do not try out every single curry or local dish that is set before you. 

Though sampling local cuisine is a must when traveling, there is a fine line you should follow to stay safe. 

Are you allergic to any of the spices they use in local food? Do you have any allergies? Is the food too spicy for you to handle? 

It isn’t rude to refuse food you know will make tomorrow a nightmare for you. So be cautious about trying out new dishes. 

If you are not sure of the eatery, do not take the risk. Also, be careful about eating meat.

6. Get travel insurance

We are not whipping you to a frenzy by suggesting you pay for travel insurance. 

It can take care of any medical emergencies that you might face on foreign shores. 

That’s not all. 

Travel insurance will also cover the expenses of stolen luggage, canceled trips, and medical evaluation. 

To stay safe while traveling, choose excellent travel insurance. 

7. Sleep well

Do not be a sleep-deprived traveler.

You won’t enjoy the sights, sounds, people, events if you are groggy all the time. At night, no matter how late you reach your resting place, get a sound eight-hour sleep. It will make all the difference in the morning. 

On a side note, before realizing your travel visions, you might want to consider how you can save money for your next big travel trip. Money can always be a massive barrier getting in the way of your dreams. To prevent it from busting a hole in your pocket, try saving up regularly or investing in the securities market to boost your holiday budget. 

Staying healthy while out wandering on the face of the Earth is as important as choosing a travel partner. Follow some of these travel safety tips and enjoy the journey! 

Bon, voyage!

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