Types of Bedsheets and the Things You Wish You’d Have Known Earlier

Do you know what are the different types of bedsheets available and what quality checks need to be done before buying one from the store? If your answer is no, then this article would help you gain some insights which would be of great help for you.

Many would have never given a thought to this topic because after a long and tiring day at work all we care about is getting a night of good sleep. 

However, remember that the comfort and the breathing ability of your bed sheets would determine the quality of your sleep. Since we spend one-third of our lifespan sleeping, it is very much important to make the right decision while choosing your mattress and sheets.

Most people spend a large amount of time researching before buying a mattress and pillow, but while buying a bed sheet for that mattress, they just go with a one that is cheaper or just choose one with the color they need.

Buying a cheap bed sheet is a major mistake that could possibly affect the comfort that your costly mattress could provide. Bedsheets have more impact on the comfort aspect. 

You could understand this when you spend a night in a hotel that has a high-quality mattress with a great sheet over it. Remembering the feel that you had with such an experience? Or maybe by then, you didn’t know that the bedsheet they had is also comforting your body.

Just like the clothes you own have different materials, bed sheets also come with different types of materials like cotton, silk, polyester, flannel, linen, and a blend of multiple materials.

Cotton is the most commonly used and considered one of the best materials to choose due to the excellent breathing capability and the softness it could provide. But most people have a confused state of mind in deciding which type of cotton to choose?

What Are The Types Of Cotton And Which One To Choose For Bed Sheets?

Upland Cotton:

Upland cotton is the commonly grown cotton around the world, which is used generally in standard bed sheets and for clothes. It is not very soft and durability would not be so great due to its short fibers. 

Egyptian Cotton:

As the name suggests, these cotton sheets are made of cotton from Egypt. Egyptian cotton is more soft and flexible due to the climate in Egypt and the way cotton is harvested. 

Egypt normally has warm and dry weather, which is suitable for cotton. And this cotton is handpicked instead of machines, which causes minimum stress on the cotton. 

As a result of which the cotton fibers remain long and straight and hence a better quality fabric. Egyptian cotton sheets are expensive, but a better choice.

Pima Cotton:

Pima cotton is also more similar to Egyptian cotton in terms of quality but is less expensive. Pima cotton is grown in the southwestern part of the United States which has a climate similar to Egypt. 

It is named after a tribe that lived and grew cotton in Arizona centuries ago. If you have decided on which material to choose, buying a bed sheet in that material would require some basic quality checks before buying them.

The quality aspects to check before buying

Weave technique:

Make sure you check what weaving method is used in making the sheets. There are many types of weaving methods that give different texture and comfort to the fabric. 

The most commonly used materials that yield better results for a bedsheet are: 

Satin – which gives a soft and shiny feel to the sheets and is also good for the skin, Percale – a crisp and comfortable type of fabric, 

Jersey – that yields comfortably soft with a bit of stretchability to the material, 

Flannel – it is the thickest and warmest kind of weave which is very much comfortable and suitable for the winter season.

Thread count and length of fiber:

Both the thread count and the length of the fiber used is a key factor that determines the quality of the fabric. When it comes to the length, the larger the length better the quality. Extra-long fibers are spun to produce a strong yarn which weaved would produce the best quality fabric.

You can decide to choose from a variety of cotton fabrics, which are all soft, breathable, and affordable. When it comes to thread count, for a better bed sheet that could last for years, the thread should range from 200 to 600. 

Finishing of the product:

Finishing is an important and standard practice that is beneficial in many ways. It enhances the feel of the fabric throughout its usage. 

This is the process that helps in maintaining the luster of the fabric. It also helps with reduced wrinkling and maintains the brightness of the color used. 

Size of the sheet:

Before you go shopping, make sure you measure the length and thickness of your mattress. Bed sheets with elastic ability in the edges can give a snug fit with the mattress. Common and standard sizes would be, single, double, queen, and king size mattress sheets.

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