Best Types of Packaging for Chips, Pretzels and Popcorn Snacks

Choosing the right packaging has always been important, since the immediate graphic design and information presented to customers are often a product’s first impression on them. In the last couple decades, it’s become an even more important choice, as consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of packaging and manufacturing in general on the environment. Balancing product presentation and protection against environmental impacts and costs is a lot, but luckily there are a few top contenders in today’s packaging industry, especially for chips and other snack foods.

Best Custom Snack Packaging

Chips, pretzels, popcorn, and similar crunchy snacks have always had extra challenges to their optimum packaging design because they’re prone to breaking up if handled roughly. Typically, air packaging is used to provide a cushion against sudden impacts, with either plastic or mylar as the packing material. Today’s recyclable packaging is often mylar because it’s not only easy to recycle and to obtain as recycled raw material, but also because it is tough and it keeps food fresh while containing scents.

Snack Packaging Ideas

If you are trying to think beyond air packed bags, there are a number of other custom snack packaging choices that have been innovated to protect chips and salty snacks.

  • Pretzels and occasionally popcorn snacks do well in boxes, with an interior bag
  • Customized mylar stand-up pouches resist drastic shape changes to help keep contents intact
  • Multi-presentation pouches provide a lot of versatility, with or without an air cushion

Keep these ideas in mind if you want to catch a customer’s eye with a package that’s a little different while maintaining superior product protection.

Connect and Collaborate

The packaging you use to present your goods to the world is a vital part of your image and your business’s daily operations. That means you need to be able to control everything from final graphics and proof approval to shipping speeds and order delivery dates. Today’s industry knows it, which is why major providers are initiating connected packaging programs that allow you to interface with every aspect of their system.

Submit, view, and approve your graphics, check on when orders are due to print, and track deliveries in transit in one spot. You shouldn’t have any questions about where your next round of supplies is at or when it’s coming to you, and with the right online connection app or site, you won’t have to because you’ll know everything you could think to ask about your shipment.

Designing New Product Packaging

One of the best side effects of the new, online and interconnected ordering experience for custom work like your snack product packaging is the ease with which you can design rebrands and packaging for new products. Work with your team and your supplier’s without having to travel or to do a lot of heavy video conferencing. The online tools do it all, including a simulation of a printed proof you can use to get a closer look before ordering an actual prototype of your new graphic design. It’s never been easier to launch a new look or a new snack.

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