Types of Workers’ Comp Claims and Qualifications

Going to work on a daily basis is something that the majority of adults do. In most situations, a worker will go to and from work with the assumption that they will be safe. Unfortunately, accidents at work can happen that can result in injuries. These can then result in the employee having to incur medical bills or even have to manage with lost wages if they are not able to return to work following the accident. In these cases, an employee may consider filing a worker’s compensation claim, which could cover their lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. It is important to understand the different forms of worker’s compensation claims and if you would qualify for a claim.

Types of Workers Comp Claims

If you have been injured while you are at work, you could qualify for a worker’s compensation insurance claim. There are four different types of claims to consider.

Injury Resulted in Medical Attention but No Missed Work

One of the most common forms of workers compensation claims is if you have been injured while at work, but not bad enough to miss additional time. If you have been injured and are able to return to the workforce rather quickly, you will still incur some expenses related to the medical bills. You can file a workers’ compensation claim related to any expenses that you receive including medical bills or therapy expenses. 

Injured with Medical Attention and Not Able to Return to Work Immediately

Depending on the scope of the accident and injury, you may need to miss some time while you are away from work. If you are injured enough and have to miss time, you should file a workers’ compensation claim that will cover your medical and therapy expenses but also compensates you for money lost due to an inability to work. For those that are in Georgia, you should receive compensation for a large portion of your missed income if you are not able to work for some time. 

Injuries Prevent You from Returning to Prior Job

The third form of workers’ compensation claims to consider is if you are injured enough to the point where you are not able to return to your prior job. Depending on the job and the severity of the injury, permanent physical or mental damage could make it hard for you to do the job that you once did. When this occurs, you will want to file a workers’ compensation claim. In these situations, you will continue to receive a certain percentage of your income until you can find some other form of work. 

Permanent Inability to Work

In the most significant cases that can result in a workers’ compensation claim, someone may be injured to the point where they are no longer able to work any type of job. If there is a severe injury or complete loss of mobility, working any type of job can be impossible. In these cases, you could be entitled to your medical and therapy bills as well as loss of income compensation for up to the remainder of your life. 

How to Qualify for a Workers’ Compensation Claim

While it is important to understand the different types of claims that can be made, you also should try to understand what is needed to qualify for support under workers’ compensation. Several factors will be considered when determining if you do qualify for claim approval.

Employer is Covered by Insurance

One of the most important factors to consider is whether your employer has workers’ compensation insurance in place. In Georgia, all employers that have more than three employees are required to carry workers’ compensation at all times. They are also required to provide evidence of coverage when requested. If your employer has coverage, you may be able to file a claim. If they do not have coverage, you will not be able to file and may need to pursue other avenues for support and compensation. 

Injuries Need to be Related to Work

A workers’ compensation policy is in place to protect employees that are hurt or become ill while performing functions of their job. The injuries do not necessarily have to happen in your primary office or place of business, but they do need to be related to work. If an injury occurred while you were off the clock and not at work likely would not qualify for coverage. 

You Must be an Employee of the Company

To qualify for coverage under the workers’ compensation plan, you must also be an employee of the company. Those that are volunteers, temporary contractors, or even hired general contractors may not qualify for coverage depending on the situation. Those that are full or part-time employees that receive a W2 will always qualify. Filing a worker’s compensation claim can come with a variety of complexities when determining whether you should file a claim and if you would qualify. Not only are there qualification factors that need to be considered, but you also need to ensure all paperwork is in the field on time to ensure you qualify for coverage. If you are injured while on the job, it would always be a good idea to contact a Macon workers’ comp lawyer, such as the Mann Law Firm. When you work with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, you will receive the support you need to understand your claim options and to file a claim that will eventually be approved and funded.

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