Unconventional and Interesting Strategies for Playing Blackjack

I don’t doubt whether you know how to play the top kasyno online game, Blackjack, because you have definitely played it. If I am not wrong, most of you follow the basic Blackjack strategy, but while coming near the climax, you fail by falling short of a few points only.

What should be done here? You must have pondered upon it. Just think. Should you stick to the same conventional method you are following for so long or should you learn something else to improve the skill that can make you win?

Well, you are guessing it right. There are many wonderful advanced Blackjack strategies indeed that can increase your chances of winning. Let’s try to understand the prominent tips one by one: 

Take the Insurance At the Right Time Only; Otherwise, Never Think About It.

It’s the golden rule in the black jack gra online that when you are playing the game, never take any type of insurance, especially when the opposite player has an Ace. You should definitely stick to this rule for the majority of the time. It’s favorable to some extent where you are trying to assume what you don’t know.

However, in some circumstances, you should take insurance. Let’s take an example of a situation when you are at a card counter, and you know very well that there are a few 10s left in the deck.

Learn a New Technique for Counting Cards

Card counting has become a popular advanced Blackjack strategy technique today. The trend is increasingly becoming famous because of this art taking the stage in famous movies also that include “21”, “Rain Man” and “Holy Rollers” and many more. 

The other reason can also be the attraction of Blackjack players towards better prospects of winning at the table game while counting the cards. Hence, you should learn the art of card counting which is an advanced Blackjack strategy technique.

Wisely Select the Right Table and Have a Large Enough Bankroll

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing at a casino or online; make sure that the table you choose to play at is right for you for the purpose of gambling. Since every table has a set minimum and maximum bet, it means that, in truth, you will be given the option to select which Blackjack table to play at.

While selecting a table to play, never forget to have a large bankroll that is large enough for you to last for either a few hours of the game or as long as you intend to play.

The most crucial things you have to consider prior to playing the game are as follows:

  • Number of chips you can risk
  • Your benefit over the house
  • If you will use a betting system or not.

Re-Split Once You Have Landed a Pair and Another Card of the Same Value.

The basic Blackjack strategy covers hands only that consist of 2 cards against the dealer’s face-up card. In such cases where you have landed a pair of 8s and aces, you get confused. Herein, you shall be wondering about what to do. To seek a remedy, you should re-split here.

One of the famous experts, CasinoToplists, also answers this and gives a definite yes. Though the situation may not be favorable for you, re-splitting is surely the best way of tackling it.

Take Benefit of Low Card Layouts

When you have a given hand consisting of two cards having a low score and the face of your dealer’s card is also low, then you should immediately realize that this means that there are more high cards.

Now, assume you are at a brick-and-mortar casino, and you see several pat hands with scores of 18,19, and 20; then you should move away from that table and try looking for a Blackjack table with low hands.


You should take your Blackjack game one step further to increase your chance of winning. Once you become experts in the basics, the advanced strategies will become easy for you to grasp. Learning the strategies will help you while you are playing in the casino as well as through the online mode from any remote area.

Gradually, as soon as you become proficient in the advanced tips, then it will also bring you ample chances to earn handsome money. Though this might seem a big challenge at times, however, its learning is surely significant and worthwhile to excel in the top kasyno online game, Blackjack.

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