3 Reasons to Try Video Remarketing Ads on Facebook

Is your brand targeting your content to social media users but still struggling to increase the Return on Investment? 

Your social media advertising and marketing budgets are in place your loyal consumer base is doing okay but if you’re failing to lure in new customers then there must be something wrong in the process with which you target your potential customers across social media. 

So, how to benefit the most from your video ads? What is video remarketing on Facebook? Why should you do it? Read on to learn more.

What is Video Remarketing?

Video remarketing is a tool that is offered by social media platforms such as Facebook to brand pages to re-engage customers based on their past advert’s analytical performance. 

Video remarketing on Facebook offers you to choose between multiple options based on your choice of the previous video’s audience retention. 

Here are the 3 reasons to try video remarketing ads on Facebook 

Brand Awareness:

The target audience has already been exposed once, even if they do not recall the original advert they’ve been building an image subconsciously from the moment they engage with your video. Retargeting your variety of video creatives increases brand recall value and the potential customers start to recognize the tonality, colors, and treatment of your brand creatives. This process also increases your credibility amongst viewers who are interested in buying your product. Overtime the potential customers are aware of what they’re going to interact with when your video shows up in their newsfeed. There is nothing better than video retargeting to increase your brand awareness. 

To increase your chances of consumers recalling your brand you must include brand colors, elements, and the logo that are common throughout all your previously targeted creatives.

Return on Investment:

After targeting potential customers who’ve already engaged in your content or visited your website before, the chances of them watching your remarketed video advert and purchasing your product or services increases. Users on the internet usually avoid clicking on adverts that don’t appear to be trustworthy or adverts that don’t match their interests. 

When we retarget the customers we already are aware of the fact that they’ve shown interest by clicking through or browsing our content, this makes a successful click to purchase easier when compared to a new product or brand that they have been targeted by your competitors as they’ve built a liking or familiarity to your brand over time and this results in the increase of sales. Thus, concluding that remarketing your video ad is one of the best tools to maximize the return on investment for your brand.

Boosting Engagement:

You’ve tried everything but your engagement graph looks like a flat line. There might be several things that are going wrong. When you remarket your video advert you must keep the quality, duration, and content in check. To ensure high engagement you can create montages, or trim your content using a quality video editor

Templates help you to achieve overall consistency in the tonality of your post and to boost your ad further you can use Clipchamp’s Facebook Ad template. Creative consistency is the key to retargeting your video advert as users are more likely to interact with your creatives when they see familiarity in your posts. 

It’s suggested that you keep changing the content of the video adverts so that the end-users don’t report your ad as ‘I see it too often’. Engaging the viewers can be rewarding if they end up sharing your creatives that are appealing which further results in getting some organic engagement on top of the advert.  

Types of Videos to use for remarketing ads on Facebook


These kinds of videos are usually short, crisp, and to the point. They explain what the product is about. Explainer videos are usually animated and are very helpful for fresh audiences to help them understand your product better. 


Demo videos are in-depth reviews or unboxing videos about your product where the potential customer is made aware of the specifications or details about the product.

How to use

Customers who revisit your website or page are more likely to need a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the product and these videos are extremely helpful for them. 


What can be better than testimonial videos featuring customers talking about their experience with the product? Human presence and honesty appeals to potential customers and builds loads of trust and connection with them. Now that you know why you must try video remarketing ads on Facebook make sure you use a quality video editor that makes your ad stand apart. Happy remarketing!

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