VPN: A Life-Saving Technology for Modern Internet Users

This internet is spread all along like a spider web. Every computer system can be connected to your device with the help of this widespread network of the Internet. This web service comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Services like the ease of communication from any location of the globe, fast-speed data transfer, etc., have made our lifestyle more accessible. But this very feature can sometimes become a curse for you. In the modern world, data is the most significant currency. 

Your complete browsing data, app data, and location history are being shared openly on the web just for the sake of advertisement. But there is no need to worry; some software in the online market is there for you to serve privacy while you browse. These life-saving services are called VPNs. And the institutions that provide these services are called VPN providers. Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, helps you to keep your privacy from evil eyes or some notorious elements. One of the prominent examples of VPN providers is SurfShark VPN. This can be the best choice for you if you want your virtual location to be in the United States of America. Visit their official site to learn more about them and their features.

In the following section, we will teach you about the functioning of the VPN and how it can be beneficial for you.

How does a VPN Work?

The functioning of a VPN is more than you think. It is like a wall that prevents suspicious activities from disturbing your surfing experience. In order to do this, there are multiple things that go on behind the doors. A few things for which we can hold VPN responsible are:

  1. Data Encryption: Data encryption is translating your information into something that cannot be understood by a human. Data is encrypted so that some hackers or notorious organizations may not read your private data. It translates your messages into icons and unreadable characters. These messages can only be read by the receiver or the sender.

    No one in the middle would be able to understand the core details of the information.
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  2. Remove Malware and Tracking Cookies: Some VPNs facilitate their users to prevent them from getting malware and cookies. It does not stop you from taking a wrong turn, but instead, it adds an extra layer of protection.

    As told in the previous point, because of data encryption can prevent your system information from viruses and threats. More to that, VPN software also blocks unwanted cookies or ads to interrupt your browsing experience.
  1. Keeps Internet Activities Out of Sight: Every click that you make on the Internet is saved on their servers. This is the data that is saved on their server and is then sold to the agencies. Mostly, this data is provided to the marketing teams so that they can use you as their product.

    VPN ties your system with a fake IP address so that your Internet Service Providers and search engines cannot associate you with your systems and your clicks. To tackle this, big tech giants use different techniques like Device Fingerprinting.

This is how a VPN works; these are the basic functions that any basic VPN software does. Irrespective of the fact that it is paid or free to use. It just depends upon the speed and service quality that is provided by the VPN providers. 

For the upcoming section of the article, the main topic of the discussion will be the pros of using a VPN.

Pros of Using a VPN

The following are the points that are advantageous for Internet users.

  1. Data Security: VPNs prevent your precious private data from being leaked out into the spacious interconnected web. Those infamous hackers and agencies are frustrating and dangerous to your privacy.
  2. Prevents Identity Theft: Identity Theft means using your personal details like your driver’s Licence number or Unique Identity Card to shape a new personal identity.
  3. Encryption: In many cases, some private information like pictures of private documents, passwords, and account details are shared on the chatrooms. These details (if not encrypted) can be easily hacked or compromised by some infamous elements. 

Finally, these are some pros that you can experience while using this software. It is never a bad idea to add an additional layer of security to your Internet.

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