Ways to light your flagpole

Although the flag is typically flown during the day, some circumstances can call for it to be flown even through the night. Flying a country’s flag through the night also displays elevated levels of patriotism and promotes a sense of pride and belonging in people. If you want to check out different flagpole lighting options, visit Atlantic Flag and Pole website to learn more. Besides promoting patriotism, there are certain places in America where flags are never lowered. These include:

  • The White House
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • The tomb of the unknown soldier

In the last two locations, the flag is never lowered in commemoration of American soldiers who paid the ultimate prize in different wars over the years. It is only befitting for an American flag to always fly atop the White House, given that it is the highest office in the land and is a symbol of American democracy.

Given that flags are sometimes (or in some places always) flown through the night, it would not serve the desired purpose well if they were not well lit for all to see. If it is pitch black out there, there is no point in flying a flag if nobody will see it. This begs the question; How do you light your flag pole when you want your flag to be visible at night?

Naturally, like in most other undertakings, there are different ways to light your flag. There are the good ways, the better ways, and the best ways of doing so. Here, the yardstick would be how visible your flag becomes at night when you light your flagpole.

The following are some of the time-tested ways of lighting your flagpole.

1. The American Beacon 

The American beacon is a great way to illuminate your flag for many reasons. The first is that it uses efficient LED lights designed to illuminate your poles for years with very little or no maintenance. The other is that this particular lighting system is available for different pole sizes, so you never run out of options. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the American beacon is how the lights always ‘follow’ the flag as the wind blows it. Few things stand out in the night sky than a flag that seems to control its own lighting. 

2. The Stargazer LED Downlight

The Stargazer name might mislead you into thinking that this flagpole lighting method illuminates the pole from down-up as it ‘gazes’ into the night sky’s stars. The truth is that the lighting is mounted on top of the flagpole and gazes downward to the stars on the American flag. Like the American beacon, the Stargazer uses efficient and environmentally-friendly LED lights. The placement of the lighting is triangulated for optimal distribution of light around the flagpole. This way, the flag remains visible irrespective of the direction the wind blows it.

3. Inground LED Light

Sometimes instead of lighting your flagpole from the top-down as is common, you may want to go for a unique style that will also bring out all the beautiful features of your flag. One way Is to install the Inground LED Light. As the name suggests, this flagpole lighting system features lights installed in the ground at the flagpole base. The advantage of this kind of lighting is that it illuminates the entire flagpole from the bottom up. In the top-down approach, shadows cast by the flag may hinder the visibility of the flagpole.

4. Above Ground LED Light

This is a slight variation of the inground LED light because the lights are situated at a suitable distance above the ground and illuminate upward. This kind of lighting provides better visibility of your flag because it uses narrow spot beams to direct light upwards. 

5. 800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light

It is important to note that for any lighting solution, environmental consideration is necessary. After all, a part of patriotism should be environmental protection. As such, you need to lean towards lighting solutions compliant with International Dark Sky Association regulations. A great way to go about this is purchasing a lighting solution that incorporates a renewable energy source package such as solar.

6. Floodlights

Another way of illuminating your banner is to use floodlights. Floodlights might seem a bit excessive for lighting a flagpole, but they come with their own unique advantages. The first one is that the flag and the pole will be completely visible even from fairly long distances. Another advantage of using floodlights is that the area around the flag will also be illuminated.

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