5 Best Ways To Reduce Bulk Mess In Your Home

Keeping a house clean can sometimes be harder than it looks. Whether your house is big or small, the mess can pile up really quickly if you’re not careful, and you’ll end up spending an incredibly long time tidying everything up. Instead of spending your weekends relaxing or enjoying your hobbies, you’ll be hard at work disposing of trash and cleaning each room, especially if the mess is now in bulk. 

While cleaning up your house might sound tedious, it isn’t impossible with a little diligence, perseverance, and even creativity. 

Here are several ways you can get started:

1. Develop A Sorting System

As you dispose of trash from room to room, you’ll come across items you want to keep, things you don’t, and stuff you’re not entirely sure of where to put. This is where a sorting system becomes of great help. 

The three-box method is a sorting system or route that most expert organizers use. This involves making three piles: trash, keep, and donate. Separate items using this system so you can reduce the mess in your home. 

2. Purge Your Home Of The Clutter At Least Once A Week

After sorting out your stuff, you’re now ready to dispose of the clutter. There are a few options for you:

  • Rent A Dumpster And Hire A Rubbish Removal Company – If you have larger household items that you’re getting rid of or a lot of stuff to throw away, renting a dumpster and hiring a rubbish removal service are stress-free options you can take. Sometimes, the rubbish removal company provides the dumpster as part of their package. They’ll deliver it to your driveway so you can fill the dumpster up at your own pace, then they’ll haul it away for you. But there are several different rubbish removal services to choose from, so it’s best to check out the Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal web site to select the specific rubbish removal service that suits your needs, as well as to get a free quote.
  • Recycle – Put recyclable paper, plastics, and glass in bags so you can take them to the nearest recycling drop-off location.
  • Donate – You can donate household items, shoes, and clothes that are still in good condition to local charities. It will give you peace of mind knowing that stuff you no longer need is now with someone who does.
  • Host A Garage Sale – If you want to make some money off the mess in your home, have a garage sale.

3. Lessen Paper Waste

People tend to focus on plastic when talking about reducing waste and carbon footprint. But you can’t blame them because plastic is destructive in many ways. The problem is that because there’s too much focus on plastic, people tend to disregard paper waste. Reducing your paper waste will help you fight paper clutter—something that now tends to creep up on homes, both those with big and small living spaces

Some of the things you can do to reduce your paper waste are: 

  • Switching to online banking and paperless billing
  • Reading news online
  • Reading magazines online
  • Buying eBooks

4. Do Your Laundry Regularly

Your laundry is one of the easiest things that can pile up inside the house. Leaving your laundry unattended for weeks or even months won’t only take up a lot of space, it’s also unhygienic and can emit a foul smell after a while, especially if you included wet or damp clothes in the mix. Doing your laundry once or twice a week can certainly lessen the mess it creates by letting it stay in your hamper and not spilling all over one corner of the room.

5. Ditch The Plastic Bags

When people make an everyday purchase in a retail or grocery store, most of them walk out of the establishment with their hands carrying one or more plastic bags. That’s why it’s not uncommon that plastic bags make up a significant chunk of your mess at home. 

To reduce the waste of plastic bags, do the following:

  • Decline the bag – Hand-carry your purchases out of the retail or grocery store if you can.
  • Bring reusable bags instead – Even if you only got one or two reusable bags and one cart full of groceries, that would still mean saving two plastic bags.
  • Reuse the plastic bags – Think of a creative way to use your plastic bags to reduce the mess they make. For instance, you can do a plastic bag art project!


Deciding to declutter a home can feel like an enormous step in and of itself. However, actually getting started with reducing the mess is a much larger obstacle. Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, especially if you got a sizeable decluttering job ahead of you.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert or professional organizer to reduce bulk mess. The simple decluttering ways discussed above can help. Just keep in mind that these five ways work great when used together. It keeps your job achievable, realistic, and straightforward.

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