What is Music Theory?

Music comes naturally to a lot of artists. They write and make music without indulging and experimenting with music theory. Just like grammar makes up the rules and structure for language, music theory defines composition and terminology for music. Studying music theory opens up a lot of new avenues for musicians and helps them to widen their horizon. Therefore, a lot of music schools involve the study of music theory in their curriculum. 

Today we will try to give you a brief about music theory. 


  1. Study of notes and beats

In this phase you learn how to read musical notes and catch the beats. You also learn about the time values of each type of note, musical rests and rhythm. All of this lays the foundation for your strong music career. 

  1. Combining and Manipulating notes 

Learning to read musical notes on both treble and bass clef staves is the major goal of music theory. You will learn to find notes on your guitar, keyboard or any other instrument that you are playing. Once you learn to read notes on the bass clef staves, you can easily identify the signature key of any musical piece that you listen to. Counting the sharps and flats in a time signature can also help you to read the signature key. Once you train yourself in this, you move onto learning about intervals, chords and chord progressions. These are the features which create the complexity of any musical sound. Learning this helps you to move around in your musical range of creating soothe and relaxing music to some really intense tunes. 

  1. Study of form and compositions

Classical and pop, both kinds of music is composed using some specific forms. A structural blueprint used to create a certain type of music is what came to be known as the form. Musical phrases, rhythm, melody and harmony are some of the building blocks of form. These are the characteristics which create a particular genre, or style of a music piece. Learning this opens up a wide variety of choices to choose from, you can choose different classical forms, or popular forms, it all depends on what you want to create. 

A lot of people believe that music is something that they can start from anywhere and you don’t really have to study anything. But that is absolutely false, if you take your passion towards music seriously and really want to make a career in the field then you need to have some basic knowledge. For that you should always join a reputed music school since they all teach music theory in their initial lessons. Learning music theory from a good music school can really improve the structure and form of your music. It not only enhances your skills but it widens your arena and makes you a more versatile artist. 

This was just an overview of what music theory consists of, it has a lot of other and much interesting dimensions. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your notebook and start learning music theory now!

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