What is the Main Role of a Locksmith?

Samara Davis
By Samara Davis

August 15, 2020

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  • A locksmith is a person whose speciality is to deal with various types of locks and keys. His job is to fasten door locks, mount and change multiple types of keys. If you’ve ever locked out, you should have searched for a locksmith. 

    Since the locking mechanism is evolving day by day, it will be there as long as the world has lock and keys. So what is the main role of a locksmith and how they work? Let’s know.

    Top 6 Roles of a locksmith

    Locksmiths work on different types of locks such as installing, repairing and adjusting different kinds of security systems. They work on both residential and commercial security system.

    They are highly experienced in fabricating and duplicating keys and changing the combination of locks if you want them to do such a job.

    Most of us think that a locksmith only job is to fix a conventional locking system. But the truth is they do many other things related to security systems. Here are a few of the roles are given below

    1. Cut keys

    A locksmith cut keys for different types of locks both in the residential area and commercial area. They can cut keys for you shortly if you ever been locked out your home or car.

    1. Provide locks for windows and doors

    A locksmith can provide locks for windows and doors whenever you want them. They also offer service and fixing doors and windows, both commercial and residential area.

    1. Provide lock for security safes

    A locksmith also provides locks for security safes for your house and office. They are also expert in repairing and installing all types of security safes.

    1. Providing auto locksmith service

    Many locksmiths provide auto locksmith service. Auto locksmith service means, if you ever locked out your home and car, they will assist at the exact spot where you are. They can also fix the remote-control locking system and able to reprogram the security settings.

    1. Provide access control system

    Most people think locksmiths are only able to work with analogue locking system. But the truth is nowadays they can provide electronic security system too.

    1. Provide emergency service 24 hours

    It’s too apparent that most people would need locksmith service anytime and anywhere. So, there are many locksmiths out there providing service 24 hours a day.

    Moreover, if you want a family locksmith, they will give you support. Again, when your office locks or home locks don’t fit properly, you can employ the same locksmith.

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    Duties and responsivities of a locksmith

    The importance of a locksmith in society is unexplainable because whenever there is an issue with locks and security system, we have to hire a locksmith. However, the duties and responsivities are as follows:

    • Installing different types of locks as required
    • Repairing door locks and window locks
    • Fixing locks of safes and access control system
    • Inspecting different kinds of locks and find the issue with locks
    • Duplicating keys if needed
    • Helping users to give the guideline how to use the locking system
    • Reprogramming new security system if required
    • Providing after-service if required
    • Helping to change the passcode if the passcode is forgotten
    • Creating new keys from the passcode locking system
    • Repairing the house safe and reprogramming the passcode system of the safe

    This is not easy work being a locksmith. They must be specialists in several different locking methods. A locksmith shall not be able to repair the locking mechanism without sufficient training.


    A locksmith usually works under a locksmith company. A good locksmith company (Ex. Serrurier Gembloux) can provide excellent quality service.

    Whenever you need to hire a locksmith, make sure you research for a good locksmith company. So, I have already discussed the role of a locksmith so that you can understand the job responsibilities of him.

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