Customer Experience: What is User Experience Design?

Believe it or not, 89% of people who have a bad customer experience will purchase from a competitor. Can you blame them? Nowadays, consumers pay for a good customer experience as much as they are paying for the product or service itself. 

This means offering a good experience is critical to stay afloat, let alone be competitive.

The answer is in user experience design. What is user experience design? 

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It’s how you improve your customer experience on your website, app, or any other digital product, and it’s how you keep users happy and loyal. Read on to learn how to use it for yourself.

What Is User Experience Design?

UX design, also known as user experience and usability design, is design with the user’s experience at its core. This means that every product design choice – every color, button, headline, and tool – is carefully chosen with the user in mind. 

In the digital environment, a user is anyone using your product.

UX is not to be confused with UI: user interface design. UI deals with how an interface looks and how the user directly interacts with it on a service level. UI is a part of UX since it contributes to the overall experience. 

How Does a Designer Create UX Design?

You know that UX design is different from regular design because it’s user-centered, but what makes it this way?

It all starts with research and personas. Personas are example characters that have all the same traits, desires, and motivations as your target audience. They make it easier for designers to picture what the audience wants. 

Part of coming up with these personas is extensive research. Research is also used to establish what areas of a product need to improve and how they need to in order to provide a better UX. 

One way of doing this is by conducting usability tests where an audience member uses the product and can share their opinions and frustrations in real-time. 

UX strategists and designers also create user stories. Unlike a customer journey map that shows how all of your communication methods connect as a user goes through the customer journey, a user story details how a user flows through an element of a product.

Why UX Is Important for Business?

UX is essential to every business strategy because it contributes to a better customer experience.

Imagine a lead who tries to purchase an item from your website but can’t find it or a colorblind user who can’t tell what color the shirts you sell are.

From big to small, UX design continues to enhance a product until it becomes seamless and easy for everyone in your audience to use. 

And despite its digital origins, you can think of user experience outside of your website or app. Why do you think so many brick-and-mortar stores have door chimes for open doors that help notify them when a customer enters the building?

It’s because someone figured out that customers don’t like waiting, and this prevented them from losing customers they made wait too long. 

Use UX as a Tool to Success

Now that you know the answer to “what is user experience design?” you can start using it yourself. Start thinking about everywhere you can improve the experience you offer, and you’ll profit from more pleased customers in no time. 

UX puts the user first because they are truly the ones at the center of your business, and pleasing them means greater loyalty and ROI.  

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