What Kind Of Couch Lasts The Longest

A couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home. Therefore, when choosing what type of couch to get for your home, you need to be extra careful of the quality you will be buying.

When you visit a NZ furniture store near you to shop for a couch, you need to make sure the couch you are buying is one that is not only beautiful to look at but will also last long enough. 

Here’s a guide on how to pick couches that last longer:

Couches With Good Frames

Couches with frames from naturally dried hardwood like beech, birch, oak, elm, or white ash are the best. One of the tips to identify sofas with frames from such wood is how easy or difficult they are to pick up. 

A couch with heavy sofa frames will last longer.  

But aside from ensuring the right material is used for the frames of your sofa, you also need to ensure that they are screwed together properly and their corners are also supported with braces. 

Couches With Good Springs And Cushions

If you don’t want to waste your money on a couch, then you need to check out its springs and cushions before purchasing it. It’s advisable to go for 8-way hand-tied springs because they last longer. The type and density of foam filler in the cushions also affect the longevity of a couch so you might want to check out the type of foam your furniture maker wants to use in making your couch. High-density foams last longer.    

Couches With Good Fabric

Durable fabrics used in the production of sofas are composed of man-made fibers like nylon, olefin, or polyester. When natural fibers like cotton, linen, or wool are added to these fabrics, it reduces their lifespan. Nevertheless, leather typically lasts longer than fabric. Top grain leather is the best covering suitable for people who intend to use their couches for a really long period. As we all know, it takes a long while before a quality leather begins to show signs of wear and tear compared to fabric. 

Couches That Fit Well

Before buying a couch, it’s important to know if it’ll be comfortable for all members of your household. For instance, if it’s a recliner sofa you are buying, you need to ensure that it’s comfortable in several positions. Another crucial thing to consider before buying a recliner is the depth of its seat. The depth of the seats you get should depend on your height. If you also plan on taking naps on it often, you should lay on it to see if it’s long enough for you.

Couches With Good Arms

Before buying a couch, you also need to make sure the arms are strong enough. When inspecting the arms, you should ensure they’re strong enough to withstand breaking off when learned on for too long. In case you have active children in your house, a couch without a strong arm will surely not last long. To test the couch, you can push the arms very hard to see any sign of wobble. Once you detect a wobble, avoid wasting your money by buying it. 

Couches That Are Well Padded

The corners and frames of the couch you intend to buy must be well padded. To ensure this, you need to move your hands through these corners several times and not feel the edges of the frame through the upholstery. If you can feel the edges of the couch’s frame, that may be a sign that the upholstery will wear out on time and the couch will become very uncomfortable to use.

Couches With Good Operating Mechanism

Another important thing to inspect before buying a couch is its operating mechanism. This is more crucial for those buying a recliner or sleeper. Before buying a recliner or sleeper, you should operate the mechanism repeatedly and aggressively to ensure it operates smoothly and easily. Since reclining or motion furniture is generally expensive, you wouldn’t want to buy a recliner with a faulty mechanism. When inspecting it, don’t ignore even the slightest mechanical glitches cause it will only cause more problems for you in the future.

Following the tips given above, makes buying a couch that will last long easy for you. 

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