What TLC to Give Your Boat Before Storing it for Winter

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After all the boating fun during the summer season, it’s time to prepare your boat for storage in Winter. Unfortunately, it has many exposed parts, which is why extra care is needed when storing it to ensure that it’s good to go when boating season comes again. Leaving it on the waters may be a convenient option, but this is not recommended because it will expose your boat to harsh weather that can damage it. Moreover, there’s a chance you may lose it due to theft or being taken by strong waves.

So, find storage for your boat, like a trailer, garage, or storage unit. Regardless of the type of storage you choose or have, the boat care before storing for Winter is the same, and we listed them below. 

Buy a High-quality Cover.

Covering your boat may not seem important, especially if you store it indoors. However, do not skip this one as it provides extra protection. It’s not a cheap investment, so it’s just right that you take all the measures to ensure it stays in good shape. First, find a cover made from mildew-resistant, water-repellant, and scratch-resistant material. It will prevent abrasion and moisture that could damage your boat.

Clean the Boat Thoroughly.

Give your boat a thorough cleaning inside and out. First, wash it properly to remove dirt and salt water that could cause corrosion and clogging. Then apply wax to serve as protection from dust. If your boat needs a touch-up, it’s also the best time to do that with an easy-to-apply paint that has a long-lasting finish like Durabak marine paint. In addition, it must have an anti-slip feature that will prevent you from falling and effectively protects the boat from damage and rust. 

Check for Problems

Before getting the boat off the water, give it another run to check on possible damages, like issues on the propeller and other parts. Fix them right away before storing the boat. They could worsen if not taken care of immediately. Moreover, repairing the damages will make your boat ready for use in the summer. 

Change Oil and Drain Coolant.

Water could mix with the oil when the boat is in use, so it’s vital to change the oil. Failure to do so may cause corrosion. Drain the coolant, too, and refill with anti-freeze. The engine may freeze during Winter without the latter, which could be a huge problem. 

Remove Battery

Leaving your battery connected could drain it during the winter season. So, disconnect it from the boat and fully charge it before storing it in a dry and warm place. Put it back once ready to use the boat again. 

Fill Your Tank with Gas.

It may sound illogical to fill the tank with gas when storing it. However, an empty tank is susceptible to damage and corrosion, which is why the former is recommended. Put gasoline stabilizer, too, so you can use the boat immediately when the temperature gets hotter. 

Consider these measures when preparing your boat for winter storage, and you will thank yourself as it will be in good shape for a long time

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