All About Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Individuals can use Gold Loan EMI Calculator to estimate the interest they’ll pay on a gold loan secured by their gold. Lender (bank or NBFC) will keep their own gold or gold ornaments as collateral or security until the loan is fully repaid. The Gold Loan EMI calculator on can assist a borrower in estimating the approximate EMI that must be paid to repay the borrowed amount. Applicants can use the Gold Loan EMI calculator to experiment with various interest rates and repayment options offered by leading financial institutions.

Gold Loan Information

A gold loan is a secured loan made by banks and non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) against the applicant’s own gold, which is maintained as collateral or security with the lender. Financial organizations provide gold loans by using the borrower’s own gold jewelry, coins, or ornaments as collateral or security, which would be returned to the borrower upon accurate and comprehensive repayment of the loan. A loan secured by gold jewelry is often issued for a short to medium-term period. Individuals can use the Gold loan EMI Calculator on to calculate the EMIs in lieu of the loan, which will aid in effective loan planning & monthly budgeting.

Why is Gold Loan So Popular?

Individuals decide to take out a gold loan to meet their urgent financial needs for a variety of reasons. 

  • Low-interest rates, when compared to other lending products such as personal loans, business loans, MSME loans, and so on.
  • Flexible repayment terms ranging from a few days to several months 
  • Many financial institutions do not charge prepayment fees on gold loans 
  • Eligibility: To apply for a gold loan with one of India’s main banks, an individual must own gold and be at least 18 years old, with a maximum age of 65.
  • Interest Rates: In India, most banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer gold loans at competitive interest rates, with manageable EMIs and flexible repayment choices.

Documents Required for an Online Gold Loan Application

  • KYC papers of the applicant: Passport, Voter’s ID card, Aadhar card, Driving license, PAN card, Utility Bills (Water & Electricity Bills) 
  • Proof of self-owned gold, jewelry, or coins 
  • Last 12 months’ bank statement 
  • Any additional document required by lender cess

How is the Gold Loan EMI Calculator on Rupeek?

You’ll need to supply a few basic facts to use Rupeek Gold Loan EMI Calculator:

  • The lender’s interest rate 
  • The loan amount of the subscribed/required Gold loan principal 
  • The repayment period

After entering these three details, the Gold Loan EMI calculator will compute the monthly payments due from the borrower (taking into account current gold prices). Other EMI calculators, such as home loan calculators, personal loan EMI calculators, car loan EMI calculators, and so on, can use similar data.

How does the Gold Loan EMI Calculator at Rupeek work?

To use the Gold Loan EMI Calculator at Rupeek, you must enter the following information:

  • The lender’s interest rate 
  •  The loan amount of the subscribed/required gold loan principal 
  •  The intended repayment tenure


Instead of keeping gold on the shelf or securing it in the container, you can apply for Gold Loan and use the loan to prioritize your essential work. Thus, a Gold loan is a secured loan. You can now calculate your gold loan EMI with the Rupeek gold loan EMI calculator.

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