Here is A-Z You Need to Know About Trading in Altcoins

We all have heard the terms cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Blockchain, and Altcoins in these modern times. The world of cryptocurrencies has seen an incredible surge in popularity in recent years. While bitcoin is the largest and the most well-known cryptocurrency, it sure isn’t the only digital currency in the market. Hundreds of new cryptocurrencies have entered the market, and each offers unique features with the help of technological advancements.  

Below, this informative article will walk you through every single point to help you have an overall better understanding of Altcoins. Read on to know further.

What are Altcoins?

Altcoins also function on the same technological platform as bitcoin, which is called Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides safety, security, and transparency to these coins. These Altcoins have features that bitcoin doesn’t possess, and hence this is how they make themselves appealing to potential investors. The working of an Altcoin is the same when compared to bitcoin. 

You need private keys to access your Altcoins, and you can store them in hot and cold wallets both. Many Altcoins have risks attached to them, and some of them even are products of internet trends such as memes. On the other, a wide variety of these Altcoins boast of technological revolutions in sectors such as transaction processing and consensus algorithms.  

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Pros of Altcoins:  

  • Altcoins were primarily formed to fix the flaws that bitcoin possesses and help create better digital currencies. The mining costs of these coins are lower, and the speed of the transactions is even faster than bitcoin. Using such Altcoins to trade offers very attractive features for the modern investor.  
  • Many of the Altcoins in circulation these days offer incredibly small transaction fees, which is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to trade in these coins. 
  • Altcoins promise a new future for the world of cryptocurrencies. These new digital currencies aim to fix the underlying problems that old cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin possess.  

Cons of Altcoins: 

  • Altcoins haven’t yet established a firm foot holding in the market and continue to struggle to keep up with major coins such as bitcoin. 
  • Altcoins are extremely volatile, and one can easily experience financial losses if they are not careful with their approach while investing.  
  • Many Altcoins have also been the subjects of deceitful schemes such as a pump and dump scheme. One must be very careful while investing in an Altcoin.  

The Major Altcoins:  

  • Ethereum: Ethereum is the biggest Altcoin of them all and is considered to be a fairly stable and technologically advanced Altcoin. This digital coin allows users and developers to build and create decentralized platforms and apps on the Ethereum network. Developers can create these applications by using smart contracts. Ethereum continues to be the second biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin in the market.  
  • Ripple: ripple or XRP was the center of a big scandal in the year 2020. The government of the United States of America slammed the company behind XRP with a lawsuit alleging that they have been dealing in unregistered securities. Before the lawsuit, ripple had a history of being one of the most stable Altcoins in the market.  
  • Litecoin: Litecoin or LTC is often compared to bitcoin as they work on the same principle. The only major difference between the two virtual currencies is that there would only be 21 million bitcoins in existence, whereas the cap of Litecoin is much higher.  
  • Polkadot: Polkadot is known as the Ethereum killer by crypto enthusiasts and fanatics. This currency is relatively new and technologically advanced. Polkadot has been in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap soon upon its original release.  

Final Words 

In recent times, cryptocurrencies have offered a unique and attractive investment opportunity to anyone who is interested in these currencies. These Altcoins boast multiple features, which are much better when compared to traditional fiat currencies. 

You can start your investing journey in the world of cryptocurrencies by using the When you are looking to invest in Altcoins, you need to be extremely careful as they are extremely volatile. Although some of them do possess technological advancements, most of them are struggling to find their place in the market. Be sure to conduct proper research before committing to investing your hard-earned money in an Altcoin.  

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