Who Is Filthy Frank?

Is Filthy Frank, George Miller aka Joji?

George Miller, aka Filthy Frank, aka Joji, became known as a YouTube sensation from 17-years to about the age of 25-years when he suddenly ended his YouTube. Miller thought it is time to refocus on his music career that offered a fresh new focus. Miller was involved in making videos. He is a self-proclaimed Japanese singer, comedian, and songwriter who lives in the United States. Miller is known for his invention of a dance craze known as the Harlem Shake. 

His fans felt the sketches Miller did to be riding on the edge, funny, unsavory, present a large element of racism, misogyny, injustice, ignorance, disturbing, offensive, and ridiculous, and the fans loved every nasty bit. Everything highlighted in his videos was the consensus that anything and everything goes, including attitude obscene, vulgar language found widely accepted by his over six million fans. 

You have to sit and wonder if these Americans have gone entirely insane, or maybe these fans have become so numb to these things that they do not recognize them as a tool that does its share to break down a once decent society. Miller’s videos set a presence and demonstrated how easy it was for anyone to sneak zany, chilling, unsavory, and grossly inappropriate materials into social media platforms. 

For example, YouTubeKids, a cartoon channel popular with kids today and watched by millions of children, was frequently interrupted for seconds while Miller came on the scene to describe to children viewers how to commit suicide. Miller, wearing dark sunglasses, gave kids detailed instructions on how to slit their wrists, stressing for the kids to do this longways for results and sideways for attention. Miller then disappears off the screen, and the channel flips back to cartoons. 

Various suicide instructions are randomly and frequently given by interrupting the cartoon segments. These suicide instructions lasted up to 10 seconds. When a pediatrician doctor/parent accidentally caught this particular video, groups were called to report the video and demanded YouTube immediately remove it from its platform.  

Despite this action, many parents started to report that they found many other cartoons containing the same suicide clips. Some of these clips were found posted on YouTube. Reports began coming in from parents about clips that promote self-harm between popular video games such as Nintendo’s Splatoon. It is uncertain who spliced these clips into the YouTubeKids through a technique called masking. Masking is no new technique as it has been around for many years. Masking is a widespread technique sometimes used in the movie and music industry. 

The kids would catch a man speaking in front of a green screen to make him blend in with the animated video long enough to relay his twisted message to kids. Parents continue to catch Miller’s specific clips on YouTube and YouTubeKids. CBS News reached out to Miller for an interview; however, he never responded. Some of these video clips are much shorter, but the kids are getting the point. One clip shows a man coming on for a few seconds, holding what looks like a fake blade to the inside of his arm. All he says is, “Remember sideways for attention. Longways for results,” and he is gone.

The Florida pediatrician first reported this shocking suicide clip started a blog explaining these altered videos and how damaging they are to our children. The Washington Post interviewed this doctor, who explained in a phone interview how this stuff is changing the way kids are growing and developing, which puts some kids at a higher risk for suicide. 

Even though Miller left YouTube in 2017, parents are still finding disturbing suicide clips spliced into kid programming showing Filthy Frank. It is a possibility that some of his fans come into question. The origin of these recent clips is unclear, and parents are warned to be aware of the chance that some of these clips could show up when their kids are watching YouTubeKids. 

The Washington Post reached out to YouTube, who said in a written statement that YouTube works to ensure the site is not used to encourage dangerous behaviors. YouTube also reiterated the fact that they have strict policies prohibiting videos that promote self-harm. The Washington Post explains that the man featured in these clips is George Miller, aka Filthy Frank, aka Joji. However, unfortunately, there is no evidence to date that George Miller was involved in creating the videos. 

Some speculate reasons why Filthy Frank left YouTube as follows.

  • Miller was not advancing and found little to support his presence financially. YouTube became unable to continue its YouTube presence financially.
  • Filthy Frank’s sketches were no longer funny enough. There were drastic ups and downs with the skits, so he left to pursue his music love.
  • Health concerns became an issue. Burnout, stress, and seizures threatened kept threatening Miller’s health, so he pulled out of YouTube.
  • The fans felt that Miller left YouTube due to the failure of the content of his skits, they failed to be funny anymore, and there became too much negative backlash. 

Miller retired his channel in 2017 to focus on his music career.

A Call to Action to Help Our Children

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