5 Reasons You Need a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Home

Shivani was amazed when her friend sent her a picture of a glistering pink salt lamp. She was really taken over by the look of the pink salt lamp, so she started researching more about the same. Just like Shivani, there are millions of people who find salt lamps fascinating. Some are attracted by the mere looks while some believe in the health benefits of products in this lamps range. Either way, the fact remains unchanged that these lamps are a great hit and appreciated by many. This article presents the five reasons why you can think of getting a pink Himalayan salt lamp in your home! Let’s know more about these salt lamps. 

How are Pink Salt Lamps Made? 

Khewra mines are considered home to the most authentic Himalayan pink salt. Huge slabs and blocks of pink salt are mined out and then transported to various salt factories. Then the artisans at salt factories create lamps from those salt blocks/ slabs. Lamp cavities are carved out of the salt blocks to accompany tungsten filament lamps. Pink salt lamps come in various shapes and sizes. The electric filament lamps emit light which can be observed from the outside. The translucent nature of these lamp walls allows filtered emission of light. This is the magic behind those stunning & radiating looks of a pink Himalayan salt lamp. If you are planning to get one, you really don’t need any reason, however, as promised, here we are presenting five reasons for getting a beautiful pink salt lamp. 

Recreates Nature, Right in Your Home

Those mighty mountains, transparent & pure springs rolling down the stones and lush green forests, don’t you miss them all when you are stuck in your homes in cities? Of course, you do. However, very little can be done about it. Including plants in your house is one way of embracing the elements that represent nature. On the same lines, for many, the shades on the pink salt lamp resemble the mighty mountains. So you are looking for an addition to your living rooms that reminds you of nature? If yes, you can consider getting a pink Himalayan salt lamp for your living room. So the next time you take a glimpse at your salt lamp, you can feel the breeze that once touched the mountains. 

Be Welcomed in a Room Full of Positivity

What do you do after a long day at work? Home is a place to go! When you are home, what can be better than a cozy and comfortable space that welcomes you! A pink salt lamp switched ON a few hours before you enter the room, keeps emitting ambient light. Whether you want to read your favorite book after dinner, watch a movie or simply spend time with yourself in silence, your room will be charged up with positivity. Himalayan rock salt lamp radiates positivity in your space & makes your space more welcoming. So if you want to be welcomed in a positively charged ambient atmosphere, just go for it.  

Lights Up Your Special Occasions 

Enjoying a few drinks with your friends? Or singing a favorite song for your partner while striking the chords of a guitar? No matter what the special occasion is, a pink salt lamp can completely light up the occasion. On calm & composed evenings, when you are in a mood for recreation; a pink Himalayan salt lamp can make the ambiance soothing and very interesting. Whether your friends are visiting you or you are cooking a special dinner for your family you can rock the event. With your favorite playlist turned on at a mild volume, the salt lamp can just set the mood of your private party.  So, for your next house party, you know a gadget that will bring a charm to your surroundings.  

Peaceful Sleep is the Best Thing That You Can Get

Sleep is our way of recharging ourselves & preparing for the everyday battles on the next day. A goodnight’s sleep enables us to concentrate fully and carry out our work with complete focus. This is why you must get relaxed and uninterrupted sleep. Many people nowadays have started using aroma diffusers, candles, and even ambient lighting to enhance their sleep quality. Switching ON a Himalayan rock salt lamp a few minutes before you go to sleep in your bedroom can actually help you during this transition process. Just keep your digital gadgets at a distance and feel a complete sense of detachment. You may turn off the light before you sleep. Many people have experienced this and you can think of giving it a try as well. 

Attract Compliments Like Nothing Else!

If you are one of the trendsetters among your friends, and looking for something Instagram worthy, then a salt lamp can be your next big hit. These salt lamps are best known for their aesthetic appeal that never fails to impress the viewer. This piece is so elegant, that whether it’s ON or OFF, it can never go unnoticed. Present times may not allow a lot of visitors to your home, but when they visit you, be rest assured that your lamp will fetch some compliments with its mesmerizing radiance.

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