Your Guide to Hotel Branding and Marketing

Did you know that there are over 54,000 hotels in the US?

If you own a hotel, that’s a whole lot of competition! It can be overwhelming when you know what you’re up against, but there are ways to help you get ahead.

One such method is hotel branding and marketing. With a killer campaign that entices guests to always stay with you, those 54,000 other hotels don’t stand a chance.

Find out how to get ahead of the hotel marketing game with our guide.

Know Your Target Market

Before you start marketing, make sure you’ve defined your target market. All of your hotel branding ideas should be based on what your target guests are looking for, including the interior style they like and the customer service. For example, a business hotel should be contemporary, professional, and include facilities suitable for business such as good WiFi and an area for holding meetings.

Be Easily Searchable

When it comes to marketing for hotels, SEO should always be a focal point. When searching for a place to sleep in a new town, most people will use a search engine to see where to stay – in fact, this is the case for 75% of travelers! Make sure you brush up on your hotel internet marketing and local SEO to put your hotel in front of the people looking for it. 

Up Your Budget in Key Seasons

Marketing for hotels is most effective during the peak seasons when your town is flooded with travelers. These are the best times to up the amount of money you’re putting into your branding to make the most of the busier months. Create a yearly budget by working out when things are slower and busier in your area, planning ahead so you don’t lose out on the rush.

Use Social Media

Social media for hotels is like strawberries and cream; they just go together! Set up accounts on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook (depending on where your target audience is) and create a social strategy to boost your branding. Here are some tips to help you create yours:

  • Use scheduling tools to post regular content
  • Get content inspiration from hotels with a similar niche
  • Hire a social media manager to interact with your users and stay on top of your content
  • Take advantage of hashtags to reach a wider audience

Digital marketing for hotels is a must, and social media is a great way to start branding online without splashing all of your cash. 

Start Your Hotel Branding

It’s never too late to start creating a hotel branding strategy, and these tips should give you a good place to start! Just remember to know who you’re marketing to and always incorporate SEO into your digital marketing.

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