19 interesting facts about locks & locksmiths

Nowadays, locksmithing is a very prolific and ever-growing business. In Dutch, a locksmith is called ‘Slotenmaker’. A locksmith shop can be found in every market place, from town to city. We can also find them via online advertisements on social media. However, you always should hire and recheck the license of their validity doing the job.

So, even if they betray you, you can file for a complaint, then get them arrested and their license cancelled. In this article, we will let you know about some of the ancient and interesting facts about locksmiths which will alert you about your further interaction. Those will also help you channel your inner nerd. So, let us get started-

Interesting facts about locksmiths you never know

We have divided the important facts and ancient history behind the development of modern locks for you.

1. Locksmith should not keep a copy of your key

We know, a locksmith can pick and repair your locks. Again he helps you break into your house if you forget the key somewhere and copy a duplicate key if you need it. 

Yes, they are capable of making duplicate keys, but they are not allowed to keep it for themselves. Not all the pickers are good. So, you have to keep an eye on their activities while assisting you with the home or office security locks.

2. Not every locksmith has a license

It is said that if you face any security problem for the locksmiths, you can alert the police and they will get them arrested and cease the license. But in various countries, they have no license for locksmiths except for some states of America and Canada, Poland, Japan, and Hungary. They just sit on a roadside and maintain their business. Their cost is low but not safe to trust. So before hiring anyone, consider your security.

3. They are available 24*7

In every advertisement, you will notice, they say- we are just one phone call away. So, like previous times, you do not need to wait outside till morning to hire them to help you. Search for them online, observe online reviews of their website and hire one.

4. They can do more than just locksmithing

Do not just take them for granted and think that they can only pick and make duplicate keys for your lock. They can do more than that. The ones with a license have finished a limited time-bound apprenticeship and earned many skills such as reloading your lock. If it is computer operated, then they can handle it too.

5. Do not try it yourself

Do not try to pick your lock. Instead, leave it to the professional. You permanently damage your door locks.

6. When they want to cheat you

As we have said, they are not always honest saints. So, they may try to take more amount of payments than usual as they do not have a fixed payment amount. Sometimes, they may try to drill and reinstall your lock, when they can find other solutions just to take a larger amount from you. So, be careful about your choice.

7. Lock is an old issue

Locks were invented 4000 years during the peak of civilization. From then, it has been developing, and now we have biometric ways of locking out safes.

8. Locksmiths and biometrics

Locksmiths with proper degrees are well aware of the biometric ways of the modern era. In this way, you can only authorize who are allowed to enter and see your specific belongings. There are retina scanners, fingerprint, and face recognition ways to lock your valuable things.

9. Your car keys

You will be surprised to learn that whenever you need a duplicate key for your car, you do not need to go to the car-dealership shop and pay a huge amount to get your job done. You can get the key form a professional without hampering your budget.

10. Installing deadbolts

Deadbolts are current ways to lock your doors. In every office, home, institutions, we can see this kind of locks. If it is not installed properly and without proper knowledge, your deadbolt security can be of no use in the long run.

There are some interesting facts about locks that will satisfy your nerdy selves and if you are lucky, you can find them common in your job interviews. Who knows!

11. Oldest lock

The oldest locks are made around 4000 years back and made by Egyptians. They were wooden locks.

12. Oldest key-based lock

Key-based locks were made in 704 BC and found in the ruined palace of Sargon of Akkad.

13. Roman locks

Romans first used locks that are iron made instead of wood. Their keys were made out of bronze.

14. Renaissance locks

In the renaissance period, the keys’ designs were influenced by Gothic architecture which satisfied the artistic minds of noblemen.

15. Exit control locks

In high-security offices and airports, there are exit control locks that will deny your exit from the respective places without their permission.

16. In colonial America, not common

In the 1840s, in colonial America, locking the front doors of every house was not common as the locks were very expensive. Only valuable things were guarded by lock back then.

17. Bobby pins

In detective movies and series, picking locks with bobby pins you often see is a complete hoax.

18. Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was a famous magician who could free himself in any situations from locks were a locksmith in his earlier life.

19. Walter Schlage

In various locks, you may have seen his name or initials. He first invented the cylindrical locks.

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If anyone wants to prosper in the locksmith business, they need to be efficient, honest, and up to date about the current inventions. And the customers need to cautious while giving them access to their houses or offices. And I think those interesting things about locksmiths will also help you to learn a lot.

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