5 Lockdown Mother’s day date ideas to make it memorable for your Mom

Sure, we all had planned a great set of ideas to make this mother’s day special for our moms? After all that she does for us, she deserves this breather for 24 hours at least. Remember the spa booking you made 2 months in advance and the weekend gateway you planned for her in the hills, and the cute outfits you ordered to twin with her on this special day to click great pictures and make reels on Instagram? Alas, Covid-19 poured cold water on our plans, but can we let this sinister virus make our moms feel any less important? The answer is NO! No matter what the situation holds, we won’t wait for it to ameliorate. We will make it the best possible at home, following all the lockdown protocols and making our moms feel special. After all, if you can’t step outside to pick something extraordinary, you can also find a great range of Mothers day gifts online at your convenience and at better prices. 

We have prepared a list of 5 ways you can plan a home date with your mother this Mothers Day: 

  1. Host an intimate party: You have seen her toiling the entire day in her office and pursuing the household chores without a frown. Mothers are tireless living robots who never crib about anything whatever comes their way. This mother’s day, host an intimate house party specially dedicated to her with all your close ones, parents, siblings, and grandparents and raise a toast to her impeccable efforts to make our lives more than perfect and without any flaws. Embrace her, appreciate her and tell her how much she means to you.
  2. Do your favorite activity together: Remember the childhood times when you and your mother used to love gardening and spend quality time with each other? Eventually, you grew up, and she couldn’t do it alone. Or you checked the old rusty albums and realized how your mother was passionate about photography but couldn’t pursue her dream after conceiving you. Indulge with her, motivate her and make her live her dreams again. That lively smile is sure to give you happy tears of joy.
  3. Order matching outfits: Nothing’s better time to twin with your mother and take those fantastic Instagram reels and selfies than mother’s day. Find and order matching outfits online and make her swirl to those grooving beats and make her the next Instagram viral celebrity. We are sure she would love the idea of it. 
  1. No-cooking day: If you can cook, very good. Cook or bake some of your mother’s favorite cuisines and display them in a lovely platter to make her smack her lips with that tasteful delicacy. If not, the order in her from her preferred restaurant and treat her to the best food to lift her mood. 

Gift her something personal: Make sure to end the mother’s day date with a unique customized gift to complete the day. You can find a vast pool of mother’s day gifts online in your budget, and the best thing you can get them delivered at your doorstep. Some examples could be A customized name wristwatch, a name pendant, house plants, chocolates, or books.

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