7 Reasons You Should Use Castile Soap In Your Routine

Castile soap is a biodegradable oil, generally made from the olive oil, while sometimes it is made with coconut or avocado oil as well. It cleans and produces lathers just as a bar of regular bathing soap, but it does not include any harmful chemicals.

The origin of castile soap is Spain, where olive oil is combined with sodium carbonate to produce a hard white soap, known as Castile Soap. Since the early 1500s, this soap production has evolved by including other plant-based oils like jojoba, hemp, and palm kernel, which provide them great control over several properties such as lather. However, still the soap is free from animal fats that make it perfect for vegans.

Here are the reasons why you should use Castile soap in your daily routine:

It can help acne-prone, oily skin

The oils included in the castile soap penetrate the skin pores with their anti-bacterial agents, which cleans your skin without actually drying it. Some results showed that it is helpful to balance the skin’s pH level to reduce the production of acne.

It is Naturally Hydrating

The entire process of producing oil-based soap leaves a byproduct, known as glycerin that most synthetic soaps remove. As you know, glycerin absorbs water from the surrounding air, which is helpful to moisturize your skin as naturally as possible. Thankfully, in the production of castile soap, the glycerin is never filtered out.

Smoothens the dry and irritated skin

As we mentioned above, castile soap includes olive oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help to balance the water level in your epidermis, which results in glowing and supple skin. Also, it does not wash out your skin’s natural oils, so there is no need to worry about dry and irritated skin.

Gently cleanse the skin without using the toxins

Generally, all of the soaps use some toxic sulfates to produce the lather that we all are used to. Still, in the case of castile soap, the lather is produced naturally without including any harmful chemicals. Most of the synthetic soaps are none other than drying agents, but the castile soap protects and cleanses your skin with the help of oleuropein, which is a compound that shows antibacterial effects.

You can use it for laundry 

Typically, castile soap is not a detergent, but you can still use it to clean clothes and bedsheets. You can use castile soap with one-half cup of white vinegar to rinse the normal-sized load. You can also use the powdered form of castile soap for the laundry purposes, but you have to still add vinegar with the rinse.

You can add some concentrated liquid castile soap to a tub of lukewarm water to soak the delicates.

Use it as your makeup remover

Castile soap can also be used as a makeup remover. Add some portion of castile soap with almond oil or coconut oil, mix them together to make an effective homemade makeup remover, which will also act as a moisturizer for your skin.

Then, soak cotton rounds or cloth pads in the created solution and gently wipe it over your face or eyes. Rinse your face with water thoroughly. And it’s done!

Use it for Shaving

As you know, castile soap produces a lot of lather, which makes it a perfect solution for shaving. To do so, wash your hands and skin, add some drops of concentrated castile soap in your hands and rub until it produces foam. Apply the foam to your face, legs, or underarms, then shave the area and rinse it well.

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Castile soap has become popular in the past few years. Most of the people are usually attracted to its environmental benefits, its affordability, and the production standards. In this article, you can know how you can use this soap to serve several things in your daily routine.

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