Real Estate Lead Qualification Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Between 2018 and 2028, an estimated 1.2 million additional households are expected to be produced each year. Each new family implies a possible sale for real estate agents! This information may motivate you to work on making more leads to capitalize on this long-term opportunity. However, industry experts say that it is not easy to keep track of leads, one needs Real Estate CRM Software. The Real Estate CRM makes life easier by touching base with customers, providing analytics, and helping in focusing on which lead is fruitful and which is not.

In most circumstances, having more Real Estate leads means spending more time contacting and engaging them in the sales process. But, on the other hand, those leads will not turn into clients if they are not ready to clinch the transaction. Therefore, you need to qualify said leads to ensure you are trying to convert those you genuinely want. This is why every successful Real Estate Business needs Lead Qualification. 

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How do you go about qualifying your leads? Here is a guide.

How to Optimize Real Estate Lead Generation?

Real Estate lead generation refers to the process whereby a company reaches out to people or potential customers who are interested in using services like buying, selling, or renting a house or flat.

Key Pillars for Real Estate Lead Generation:

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is a strategy for bringing customers to your company by creating and promoting relevant content and incentives. It’s a modern, digital marketing strategy. Content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and advertising are examples of everyday inbound activities.

Outbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing begins with a basic understanding of your target market. It’s what some may call “conventional marketing.” Direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, and event marketing are examples of everyday outbound activities.

An effective lead generation system employs both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to acquire prospects and convert them into leads before they become customers. Therefore, it’s critical to personalize your actions to each prospect, regardless of how you get leads.

You’ll collect leads in a variety of methods, depending on your marketing strategy. For example, people may fill out printed forms at events such as open houses, or they may fill out an online form to obtain additional information about your services or a specific property. Whatever the case may be, it’s critical to combine all of your leads into a single system where you can track their progress. To manage and follow up with leads in one place, use a Real Estate CRM.

How to Evaluate Real Estate Leads?

Lead qualification is a systematic procedure in Real Estate that entails obtaining information about your leads to determine whether they are ready, able, and willing to buy or sell. It happens extremely early in the Real Estate sales funnel, ideally when you’re making your first contact or even sooner. Real Estate agents have their own set of standards for determining what qualifies as a quality lead. If someone does not match those requirements, they will be disqualified.

Checklist for Real Estate Lead Qualification

Various factors come into effect for a Real Estate lead qualification:


Understanding the location where the property or house is required will help one to narrow down if the lead qualifies as your area of interest or not.


It is necessary to understand the reason a lead is interested in making a purchase. For example, if they are looking for investment purposes, retirement, downsizing due to a change in job, etc., one could analyze the requirement and help accordingly.


Budget is one of the most critical factors in lead qualification. If the client does not have the required funding in his hand and keeps pitching him high-value property will only waste clients and the real estate company’s time.


Sell.Do has a unique Real Estate CRM software solution that helps Real Estate businesses grow, understand how to generate better Real Estate leads, and optimize one’s Real Estate lead qualification factors. 

Forms for capturing leads:

Sell.Do’s lead forms are simple to incorporate into any of your digital products. This lead information is then automatically collected in one location for convenient viewing and tracking.

Leads from Digital Campaigns Can Be Captured:

You get all your leads in the system, whether they come from a live chat, your landing page, social media, or a search campaign, and you won’t miss a single one. But, remember that to keep involved, as real estate buyers and investors require a quick reaction.

Lead Scoring:

Automatic positive and negative ratings let you focus on the correct prospects and close deals faster by providing insight into their intentions.

Lead Individuality:

Duplicating leads is a waste of time and effort. Sell.Do ensure you’re collecting accurate lead data, perform a robust uniqueness check on the phone number and email address, as well as carry out a reliable OTP verification process.
Managing leads has always been a time-consuming and energy-draining process for sales reps, even before sales marketing automation. Not any longer. The majority of the work is done automatically with Sell.Do’s CRM lead management features, and the remainder is done with a single click. With its efficiency, personalization, and affordability, Sell.Do emerges as an exclusive choice for Real Estate Developers. 

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