A Week in Brisbane on a $70,000 Salary

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  • Today: a home stager who makes $70,000 a year
  • Occupation: home stager
  • Age: 46
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Salary: $70,000 (approx. $2,128 per pay period)

Day One

As a home stager, I spend most days looking at other people’s houses. It’s more fun than most outsiders realize! Unfortunately, though, it’s also a bit of a strain on my physical health. Moving furniture and being on my feet all day takes its toll! With that in mind, though, I talked to my doctor during today’s appointment about using CBD for a bit of relief. With her go-ahead, I looked at a variety of CBD gummies, tinctures, and other CBD products before stumbling upon a CBDfx coupon. This looks like a great choice, so I’ll definitely look into it further come payday.

Total: $42.50

Day Two

CBD won’t stage a home, of course, so I’m focusing on a whole different subset of research and shopping today. In particular, I’m planning out a client’s space before a series of upcoming open houses. I’ve been doing staging for years, so I know just where to find all the best products, whether it’s kitchen appliances or laundry supplies. You might not think so, but it’s quite fun to browse butler sinks, spouts, and tapware! This also reminds me that I’m running low on my own laundry must-haves at home—luckily, a quick delivery order takes care of that for me.

Total: $61

Day Three

I meet a friend, K., for lunch today, and, funnily enough, she brings up her own experience with CBD oil. I’m relieved by her glowing review, and I’m all the more convinced I’ll need to dip my toes in the CBD industry, too. After lunch, I meet with a few clients to discuss upcoming projects.

Total: $30.50

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Day Four

Today‘s another day of hands-on work, moving items and dreaming up new purchases from the comfort of my client’s home. Compared to my laundry shopping spree earlier in the week, I’m just as excited to browse linens for this space. While I shop online for supplies, the home’s owners are packing up their excess clutter, including a ton of items they’re considering decluttering for good. Conversely, though, I decided to order a few new items for my own home—that’s the only big risk of this job!

Total: $51

Day Five

My top priority today is actually a series of interviews! I’m looking to hire an assistant to work alongside me in everything from client outreach to the final staging. There are a few good candidates within the people I’m considering, thankfully, and I take to a nearby restaurant to think it through a bit longer over a good meal.

Total: $60

Day Six

I don’t always take conventional weekends off, but this week is an exception. My girls are heading to a birthday party this afternoon, so we stopped by a shop for a gift and card. Then, we pick up a quick lunch before heading to the party and celebrating with their friends. As always, it’s nice to catch up with some of my own “mum friends,” too! The girls are exhausted once the birthday cake-fueled sugar high wears down, so I get to spend a quiet evening with my husband, J.

Total: $75

Day Seven 

Sundays tend to be my “get your life together” days, so I’m going over my week’s agenda, planning meals for each day, and going to a grocery shop to stock up. I sometimes take this a step further and pretend I’m one of those TikTok users who carefully restock their kitchens each week! I’m hardly at their level of painstaking quality, but it’s a bit of good fun to imagine.

Total: $158

Total for the week: $478

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