How Can Your Lifestyle have an Impact on Your Hair?

Lifestyle planning also includes finding natural rituals for body, skin, and hair care. And to achieve this objective, it is necessary to follow some recommendations months prior to the “yes” date.

Having healthy and shiny hair will allow the lifestyle to show off in all its splendor. However, you may be making small mistakes that may be causing you harm without knowing it. Find out, correct them and decide to see yourself exactly as you have imagined since they were defined for any special day of the celebration.

1. Touch Your Hair Frequently

It can be an involuntary gesture, which is commonly done without realizing it, but removing your bangs all the time, continually resting your hand on your head, or curling strands with your fingers while you speak or think, quickly greases the hair causing it to lose its natural shine and should be washed more frequently. Try an up-do, or with buckles or headbands that push hair away from the face.

2. Very Hot Bath

The temperature and steam of the hot water remove natural oils and dehydrates the hair, leaving it looking dull and brittle and can cause hair fall. It is best to bathe with warm water and finish rinsing with the water as cold as you can resist, this will also increase the natural shine. In case if you lost your hair with this mistake and are facing an issue with alopecia then you should be consulted with a doctor specialist in hair transplantation. Before going to a doctor you must know about hair transplantation costs.

3. Using the Dryer

Although it is an ally when you want to shape your hairstyle, its high temperature greatly deteriorates the hair, reducing its vitality. To use it, the following precautions should be taken: choose a moderate temperature, it takes a little longer, but avoids damage; keep the dryer at a distance of at least 10 centimeters; apply a heat protectant and use the dryer when the hair has drained enough.

4. Straighteners and Curlers

Although it helps to achieve different aspects, the direct contact of heat on the hair is one of the practices that most deteriorates it. The recommendation is to reduce its frequency of use, always apply a cuticle protector first, and never use it on wet hair.

5. While Wet

It is also a frequent practice that for comfort after bathing the hair is tied with buckles or tails, but while it is wet, the hair is very fragile and can break more easily, and doing it daily creates waves in the hair that will be fixed. It is best to have a little patience and hold it only when it is dry.

6. Wash it Daily

Washing hair every day takes away its natural moisture, leaving it dry and matte due to the sulfites contained in the shampoo. The best thing for naturally dry hair is to wash it only twice a week and for greasy hair, wash it every other day. Also, it is important to prefer salt-free shampoos.

7. Rub it with the Towel

To speed up the drying process, many times the hair is rubbed with the towel, this, taking into account that wet is weaker, causes it to tangle and break easily, causing undesirable frizz. It is best to gently drain it and wrap it in the towel without rubbing it so that it traps the moisture without damaging it.

8. Dyes and Other Chemicals

The dyeing and straightening processes deeply deteriorate the hair, especially if the necessary care is not taken. It is recommended to use a color protection mask and moisturizers. These must be carried out by specialists who can also prepare some type of cocktail with special ampoules or repolarization.

9. Abusing the Products

Applying hair fixers, spray and gel frequently also causes dryness and dulls the natural shine due to its high alcohol content. Be very careful when choosing your products and follow the premise of less is more.

10. Very Tight Hairstyles

Very tight hairstyles over-stretch the hair, weakening the root and favoring its loss. If you like them, try not to wear them for a long time or look for alternatives such as semi-collected hairstyles.

11. Split Ends

The ends are the oldest part of the hair so they tend to open when the protective layer that protects the strands deteriorates due to various factors, among the most common: use of chemicals, hormonal or climatic changes (excess heat or cold). Therefore, it is important to get a hair cut when they are in this state. Try not to do a hair cut yourself or make sure you have good scissors because otherwise, it could make the situation worse.

12. Use of Conditioner

Although you think they can make your hair greasy, the conditioner helps to detangle, preventing the fibers from breaking and giving additional hydration to the scalp. Get advice from your trusted stylist and choose an appropriate product for you.

13 – Attention to Food

Not only for the lifestyle is essential the intake of water, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins that stimulate hair growth and give it a strong and healthy appearance, it should also be general care. This will allow for a stunning hairstyle for loose hair.

 Eliminating these habits and taking the necessary precautions will improve the appearance of the hair. Just as you have included in your agenda the tasks of choosing the decoration for lifestyle, visiting the party rooms or defining the menu, reserve a space for yourself and for those personal care that will make you look fantastic.

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