All About Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most played games on the whole planet. With millions of players joining the community every day, we can’t help but wonder what this game has done, which is nothing but phenomenal.

There are a total of 152 champions present in the game, out of which you can choose one for a specific match. Apart from this, you also get to choose their skins. League of Legends Champions skins are not just limited for visual show-off, but they come with their advantages.

How Many Skins are in LOL?

The game is being played by people for over a decade now. Riot games – the game maker has been releasing skins frequently in the past, which has resulted in the accumulation of over 1000 types of skin options available as of now in Dec 2020.

Well, precisely the skin count in the game currently stands at a whopping 1146 skins! The number is likely to go up more and more and to be honest, there is no reason why the Riot officials should stop releasing the skins every year.

Fun fact: At the end of 2019, Riot Games had released their 1000th skin for League of Legends.

This year (2020), Riot officially released [1146-1000] = 146 skins in total if we do the math. Phew!

Also, if we consider adding up all of the variations of skins in the League of Legends, it will sum up to over 3400 skin types. 

Riot Games derive direct income from selling the in-game skins as most of the players are likely to rush to buy a new skin as soon as it comes out.

The cost of skins varies and is available in different ranges, from common ones at cheap to the extremely rare ones which are quite expensive. The game offers free skins too.

Well, so that you know. Some famous champions tend to have more skins than those who are not. Unfortunately, some of the champions get neglected in the skin department by the officials due to this reason. 

For example, the champion with the least amount of skin/skins is Ornn. There is only one skin available for this champion. Reason? Well, Ornn is one of the least played champions in the game.

Not so Fun fact: Ornn is the only Champion in the game that hasn’t received a skin since he was released in 2017.

On the other hand,

The champion leading the skins department in terms of numbers is Miss Fortuna, with 14 skins. The reason is clear; she is one of the most popular champions in the game, due to which Riot officials keep on releasing more skins for her.

League of Legends Champion Skin Categories

Not that we exactly know how many skins are there in the game. Let’s move towards their categorization. 

1. Regular League of Legends skins

Regular skins make the most considerable portion of the game. There are over 1028 regular skins in the game.

Some of the visually pleasing skins were Yasuo’s and Kindred’s Spirit Blossom Skin and Ashe’s and Darius’s High Noon skin.

2. Chroma Skins

There are more than 230 chroma skins in the game. Regular chroma skin can have up to 10 different skin recoloration. To make it simpler, each chroma skin has 10 variations. Again, if we do the math, then [230×10] = 2300 chroma skins in League of Legends.

Chroma skins look better than the regular ones in terms of appearance. These skins are better in aspects of look, finishing, uniqueness, etc.

3. Legendary and ultimate skins

The skins under this category are most developed in all aspects. These skins have different visuals as well as sound effects. These skins are fairly expensive, and there are only a dozen of them in the game.

4. Seasonal skins

Seasonal skins can only be unlocked on the basics of one’s skills. There is also a similar category known as Victorious skin series, which you can get for free by being at the Gold 4 Rank by the end of the Ranked season.

5. Promotional skins

As the name suggests, promotional skins require you to promote a specific link on Facebook to unlock them.

6. Prestige skins

This skin type requires no money to be spent in terms of acquiring it. Prestige skins can only be unlocked through in-game events. These skins cannot be unlocked by using RP or Orange Essence; instead can only be unlocked by using the Prestige or Event Points with the help of Event passes.

Most valued skins in the game that you will rarely see.

  • PAX Twisted Fate, which most didn’t even stand a chance to see.
  • Rusty Blitzcrank
  • Black Alistar
  • Championship Riven
  • Silver Kayle
  • PAX Silver
  • PAX Jax
  • Victorious Jarvan IV

If you aim to collect every single skin in the game, well, it is quite a challenge and would require years of hard work unless you are Jeff Bezos. After all, there are 1146 skins there for you to collect, out of which most of them are obtainable.

Happy gaming!

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