Hints on Playing Online Games Safely

Nowadays it is not a problem to find an online game that suits your need and enjoy it. There are hundreds and thousands of great options on Game Karma and you can take your time trying them. However, there are several rules that it is recommended to follow while playing.

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Pretty Expensive Entertainment

For many years, there was a rather popular expression that a good gaming computer costs 1 thousand dollars. And indeed, even in the mid-2010s, it was still possible to assemble a good PC that was able to pull new games, if not at maximum speed, then at medium graphics settings for sure.

However, everything changed with the boom in mining and the rise in the price of cryptocurrencies, which led not only to an increase in the price of video adapters by up to 400% but also to the crisis of semiconductors.

Moreover, this, in turn, hooked the entire production of electronic equipment. The shortage of chips led to the fact that factories began not to keep up with the production of equipment in the right quantity, due to which there was an acute shortage even in the game console market.

At the same time, new games are also becoming more expensive. A better situation is in the mobile gaming market as there is just a huge number of different games that can be downloaded completely free of charge, and they will run on almost any phone.

However, playing on a smartphone or tablet, or playing on a PC or set-top box gives a huge difference in convenience. In addition, mobile games are prone to various kinds of money withdrawal from players through donations to obtain significant benefits, which is not so noticeable in PC games so far.

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Aggressive Community of Online Games

This is a rather ambiguous minus since it depends on the players themselves and the particular game taken. However, as practice shows, the game chat of online games is simply teeming with various insults against other players. This is a sin not only for players from the CIS countries, as is commonly believed but for the entire gaming community of the world as a whole.

Regardless of the mentality of the players, in online games there will always be those who will spoil the mood not only for themselves but also for others:

  • This is largely explained by emotions and the spirit of competition, in which one wants to throw out all the anger on the opponent.
  • Often insults are also directed at the allies, which can easily not only undermine the concentration on the game of the whole team but also lead to a showdown of personal relationships after the game.

Summing up, let us just say that computer games are not as bad as they are often portrayed in various studies and blamed for all the bad events in the world. Of course, if you do not know when to stop and get too involved in games, then at least you will not get any benefit from them.

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