Enhance YOUR Online Ludo Skills with these Top-Tier Android Ludo Games

For fans of online ludo, the sky’s the limit when it comes to options for playing this game with fellow players across the world. Casual gaming of the likes of ludo and other popular board games are now no longer child’s play, according to this write-up on Business Today.

It would be fair to say that they are spoilt for choice with the number of existing and upcoming ludo apps. However, all ludo apps may start feeling too familiar after a while, and the player may look forward and long for a more unique experience.

May we present to you a curated shortlist of apps that will be worth your time and with features that will make you relish the game of ludo all over again? 

Ludo Zenith: 

Ludo Zenith is the first attempt by Square Enix to launch an online version of a popular game app in the form of ludo. And safe to say it looks like they have nailed it. Go head to head against millions of players in this epic PvP ludo game as you progress up the leaderboard while attempting to stake claim to the top position in the league and ending up crowned as the ludo champion. 

Ludo Zenith also goes one-up over boring ludo boards with Ludo Arenas. It offers a first-of-its-kind 3D camera effect letting you view the game from your favored angle. 

Game features:

  • Partake in exciting ludo battles as you claim mega rewards in satoshis – a smaller unit of Bitcoin.
  • Its tokens stand out, too – they are in the shape of a rabbit, turtle, rhino, and a joker. Each character has their own unique abilities that are activated when their energy is full. 
  • Take your pick from the many special dice, get those high rolls, and obtain significant leads over your opponents.
  • Unlocking specific in-game achievements nets players exciting players tags.
  • Players can pick any of the four delightful modes – Pass ‘n’ Play (PvP), against the bot, classic mode, and zenith mode. 

MPL Ludo:

This version of ludo is a part of the Mobile Premier League and can be accessed via MPL’s official app for Android phones.  Thanks to its attractive features, including insanely realistic graphics, easy-to-follow gameplay, and simple rules, it garners much love from the masses. 

The thoughtful interface and fun-filled game modes mean that enthusiasts flock to MPL Ludo when looking to indulge in competitive ludo matches online to work on their ludo skills. So go ahead, pick this ludo game download, and join the millions who have already downloaded this game. 

Game Features:

  • What’s the fun of playing games like ludo without being able to express yourself? Players have emoticons at their disposal to convey their feelings to fellow players. 
  • 24×7 customer support so that nothing comes in the way of your fun. 
  • There are even tournaments for you and your friends to participate in. 

Ludo Voice:

Ludo Voice ticks off all the boxes regarding features enthusiasts seek, along with having a trick or two up its sleeve. 

Align with fun and engaging gameplay, this old favorite leads a revival of ludo with exciting features such as voice chat in real-time among players and friends, slick, user-friendly UI, and three difficulty levels – quick, classic, and master mode.

Game Features:

  • The platform offers local and multiplayer options. 
  • Option to invite friends and family into a private game room. 
  • Voice chat between players brings the excitement of playing in the real world to the virtual. 
  • Sticks to the tried and tested classic interface for broader appeal. 

Ludo League:

In Ludo League, players may take out their tokens by rolling a six or a one, and this is unlike other ludo games where a six is required. The rest of the game follows the familiar set of rules we all know. 

The twist in its gameplay comes by way of players being able to stack up their tokens one over the other in case two tokens land on the same spot. When this happens, the opponent’s piece cannot pass, which works well to impede a rival’s progress in the game. Further, a doubled piece can capture another piece that’s been stacked on another. 

These tiny but significant options make it a must-play game for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Game Features:

  • Unique variations to keep players hooked.
  • Option to gather friends at a private table.
  • It has exciting variants such as 2 Peg and Ludo Flash.

Yalla Ludo:

Yet another popular ludo game for Android users is Yalla Ludo. It has cheerful graphics to keep the player entertained, and straightforward controls are also a bonus. 

Besides bringing gamers to the table with ludo, Yalla Ludo also offers the game of dominoes when looking for a change of pace. Dominoes is a unique addition as this game is a rare find among apps offering virtual ludo. 

Game Features:

  • Multiple skins and themes to keep the game feeling fresh.
  • Daily login rewards in the form of virtual gold coins. 
  • Get your friends together and play in a private room.

Just as was the case with other industries, gaming too grew substantially while piggybacking on the availability of mobile data at pocket-friendly prices. These low rates were an easy barrier to surmount, and the accessibility of entry-level smartphones meant additional support to the burgeoning mobile gaming industry.

The fun ingredient that mobile gaming offered the masses, along with a reprieve from their hurried and taxing lives, made casual online gaming on board games and across genres even more popular.

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