10 Best Tom Cruise Action Movies of All Time

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most well-known leading men and has been for three decades. His films often tend to be left of center, but that willingness to experiment has made him such an interesting actor. Here we look at the 10 Best Tom Cruise Action Movies.

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Mission: Impossible

The film came out in 1996, starring Cruise as special agent Ethan Hunt. Although Cruise had plenty of experience in action films by this point, this film was particularly memorable for two reasons. Firstly, Hunt is a character put through incredible amounts of physical stress, and this film highlights that. Secondly, Dr. Alec “Eddie” McClintock (Henry) is a sidekick character who has become a movie star in his own right. The Mission: Impossible franchise is best known for its incredible stunt work, and the original film is no exception.

Edge of Tomorrow

He was perfect for playing Col. William Cage, a military officer caught in a time travel loop in this 2014 film. Cage is an ordinary guy with no military training, yet he manages to hold his own against these machines programmed to kill. It’s a great moment, and Cruise sells it.

The Mummy

It was a remake of the classic monster movie from 1932, with Cruise playing a soldier tasked with transporting a mysterious and beautiful woman. Cruise’s character in this film is an interesting one because he’s not a typical action hero. He’s an everyman character, someone who is just the right mix of charming and straightforward.

War of the Worlds

This film didn’t do particularly well at the box office, but it’s worth a watch at the weekend box office if you’re a fan of Cruise’s style of action sequences. There’s plenty of hand-to-hand combat, as well as frenetic shooting sequences. 

Cruise’s character is a man who knows that he needs to get the job done, so he finds a way to do it. It’s a practical approach to filmmaking, and Cruise plays the role perfectly.

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In this film, Cruise plays a contract killer who a gangster hires to kill a businessman in Los Angeles. The businessman ends up hiring a cab driver to be his chauffeur while in town, and Cruise’s character targets both of them. This film doesn’t have the most complicated plot, but it has the action sequences that we’ve expected from Cruise.

Rogue Nation

The best part of this film is that Cruise’s character is forced to work with a team of people who may not always have his best interests at heart. Cruise spends a large portion of the film behind the wheel of a very intense car chase sequence, unlike anything we’ve seen him do before.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

This series of films isn’t renowned for its crazy action sequences, but there are moments in it where Cruise shines. There’s a fight sequence in the second Jack Reacher film that stands out as the highlight of the entire franchise. It’s a brutal, no-holds-barred fight, and Cruise sells it.

The Firm

This film is more like a legal thriller, but it has intense moments. Cruise plays a law student who quickly becomes embroiled in a conspiracy. This plays out through intense courtroom drama scenes, with Cruise having many long monologues. This film proves that Cruise is just as comfortable on the prosecution’s table as he is on the defense’s.


Collateral is a complex, interesting thriller with an outstanding performance from Cruise and excellent action sequences, including a car chase that is the best filmed. It also shows Cruise’s darker side, as many of his characters do, and proves that he can play a cold-blooded killer just as well as play a heroic pursuer of justice.

Vanilla Sky

Cruise plays the main character, David Aames, in his most unusual role yet. Aames is an egocentric man who believes he can have any woman he wants. But when his current girlfriend, played by Penélope Cruz, starts to become more serious, Aames has a breakdown.


Cruise has proven many times over that he is one of the most dedicated actors in Hollywood. He is always pushing himself to do new and challenging things, and that dedication makes him a great action hero. Whether he’s doing something intense and dramatic, or something comedic and charming, he has a way of holding your attention that is very rare.

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