Where to Stream the Best Movies: 5 Platforms to Stream

Watching movies has always been a favorite pastime for all of us. Whether it is some bomb-busting action movies, or stomach aching comedy movies, or an emotional love story, whenever we think of taking a break, we go for movie time . 

The best part is that, now, you also do not have to step out in order to experience the theatre-like feeling and for quarantine binge-watching. When you have a home theatre, all you need is just to download the latest movies from here.

Several OTT and streaming platforms are also there in order to satisfy your movie cravings. Here we will talk about all those streaming platforms. 

5 Platforms to Stream the Best Movies

As we have just mentioned, here we will guide you with the 5 best platform to stream the best movies of all time. This complete guide of streaming platforms is enough to get almost every movie from every possible genre. 


From a DVD company to one of the top-rated streaming platforms, Netflix has always been our favorite. In 1998, Netflix launched DVD-by-mail rentals. We all know what it will become in 2021. So, if you want to stream the best and top-class movies from different genres, you must have Netflix in your account. 

It comes with a different type of subscription option, which starts from as low as $9 for a month. There are several screen options also available. You also can download the movies of your choice and watch them offline. 

Disney Plus

After Netflix, the closest competitor of it is Disney Plus. It is a jackpot for all the Marvel Fans. We are mentioning it specifically because Marvel has a wide Fanbase, and during this global pandemic period, it continues to keep us entertained with their latest releases. 

With a Disney Plus subscription, you can get all of the following entertainment options. Here they are. 

  • Disney and Pixar libraries.
  • Marvel Movies and series.
  • Star Wars Movies.
  • National Geographic Content. 
  • Some other TV shows. 

Prime Video

How can we forget about another favorite of all, that is Amazon Prime Video. Amazon indeed offers A to Z, as their name suggests. Amazon Prime videos and music are our saviors during the pandemic situation. 

Whether it is the new releases or the “old is gold” ones. You also have several subscription options here, just like you have with Netflix and Disney Plus. But the best part is that this one Prime subscription will cover both your entertainment and shopping purposes. It means the same subscription will offer you all the prime members benefits on amazon.com, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Prime Music. 


Hulu is the perfect complement and counterpoint to our topper Netflix. You just need to spend $7 to get a subscription to Hulu (With ads). This streaming platform will offer you a larger variety of shows from different networks like Fox, NBC, and ABC. 

Once all of them are on air, you will be able to get them on Hulu. Apart from the latest movies, you also can entertain yourself with some excellent critically acclaimed series like PEN15 and The Handmaid’s Tale. 


The last of this list is HBO Max, which is stuffed full of popular TV shows and movies. This streaming platform has all the catalog of HBO, along with some all-time favorites as follows.

  • Rock and Morty.
  • The Lord of the Rings.
  • Friends.
  • Sesame Street.
  • Almost all Studio Ghibli films. 

At no extra cost, this platform also brings the debut movies along with its theatre release. All of these benefits can be yours, but for that, you just need to spend $15 every month. A less expensive subscription is also available with ads at the cost of $5 monthly. 

Enjoy Streaming New Movies

So, now, you have the complete list of the top 5 movie streaming platforms, where you will get the latest movies and series. Some of these also offer you a complete entertainment package with music solutions as well. 

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