What is the Best Gaming Platform of 2023?

There have never been so many different ways to enjoy gaming. Those that love to have a flutter on casino games like slots have hundreds of sites and apps to choose from, including many that offer free spins to new customers. Players that prefer first-person shooters have an incredibly diverse set of options, with many great titles, including both paid-for and free-to-play versions.

It’s not just the games themselves that are diverse either. Gamers have a whole bunch of different platforms on which they can enjoy their favorite titles. It’s no longer a two-horse race between consoles and computers; smartphones, VR, and tablets have also been thrown into the mix. But for this, they also need a comfortable chair, here’s everything they should know about best gaming chair.

If you’re new to gaming, you might wonder which option is best. The reality is that there is no “best” option since your preferences will depend on which devices meet your needs the most. Let’s take a look at their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. 


Game consoles are often the go-to option for new players since these devices are manufactured to specifically play video games. They’ve traditionally been a cheaper way to get into gaming, as manufacturers subsidize hardware prices to lock customers into their ecosystem and recoup the costs through video game sales. 

For the most part, that is still true today. A PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X will set you back around $500 or £450, depending on where you live. A similarly-spec’d PC would cost three or four times this. 

However, consoles aren’t generally portable, so you’re stuck playing them at home. They also offer less choice when it comes to the games you want to play, at least when compared to some other options. 


Computers are often the choice of the most hardcore gamers. They offer the most options in terms of customizability since players can build a machine that looks and performs as they want, choosing each component themselves and even putting it all together with their own hands. 

PC gamers also have more peripherals available to them, letting them interact with their favorite titles on their terms. 

Thanks to improved backward compatibility, fewer restrictions on developers, and the advent of homebrew games, those that play on a PC have significantly more games to choose from. For comparison, the PlayStation 2 had fewer than 3,000 titles released globally during its lifespan, while PC players have access to well over a million. 

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are relative newcomers to the gaming world, but they’ve made a big impact in that short space of time. They’ve done this by turning millions of people into gamers even though they previously had no interest in the medium; this includes older people and women who had felt excluded from the traditional gaming market. 

Attracting these new demographics has been achieved by being convenient and creating more choices. 

IOS and Android users have around a million different titles available to download in their respective app stores, many of which fit into casual or hyper-casual gaming categories. These titles don’t require much time commitment to play, unlike the several-hours-long sessions common with AAA games. 

Smartphone and tablet games can be played almost anywhere:on the bus, on the train, in the park, in the garden, in bed, or in front of the TV. For this reason, gaming on these devices is infinitely more convenient. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming isn’t new, but quality VR gaming is. The Oculus Quest 2 is the first headset to gain traction with people outside of tech enthusiasts. It’s still somewhat of a novelty, but it looks set to become a staple in the gaming world in the near future. 

It offers the most immersive gaming experience on the market but does come with trade-offs. It requires you to wear a headset, which, while not uncomfortable, isn’t as practical as other forms of gaming. You also need a lot of space free from obstructions; otherwise, you risk falling over or hitting something or someone. 

VR gaming is very enjoyable, though, especially when you play with others, but it’s probably better as an addition to your repertoire rather than your main gaming device.

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