SEO Tips to Rank Your Shopify Store

Do you want to sell online? Shopify is a suitable e-commerce platform to set up your retail business. It can make your online business simple and quick. Regardless of all benefits, you cannot overlook SEO (search engine optimization) legwork. Undoubtedly, SEO is significant to improve the performance of your Shopify store in search results.

For an online store, Shopify is highly flexible. You can create a store according to your requirements. Moreover, numerous built-in tools are available. Anyone can use this platform without coding skills and save money and time. After creating a store, you have to use some SEO tricks to improve its ranking.

If you do not have time, feel free to get Shopify SEO services at an affordable price. Here are some tips to follow.

Recognize Your Keywords

Remember, SEO is incomplete without keywords. To rank your online store, you can get started with keywords. These are phrases or words that a shopper should type in the search engine for your site to appear in search results.

You will need a list of keywords for product pages and the website. Keyword tools are available to find keywords:

  • Related to your products and brand
  • Regularly searched by shoppers
  • Particular and achievable keywords

Make sure to get higher rankings and qualified leads with long-tail keywords. Carefully design your keyword strategy for a Shopify store.

Keyword Optimization

After identifying keywords, make sure to demonstrate the importance of these words to search engines. You can increase the ranking of your store with the use of the right keywords. Remember, keywords should have relevance to your online store, website, and products. Make sure to use relevant keywords in the following content:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Page content
  • Page headings
  • URLs
  • Alt text for videos and images

Bing and Google will cross-reference this information. Make sure to keep keywords relevant and consistent. Your copy should be unique and relevant.

Website Organization

Your website’s architecture or site structure is important for search engines to determine if it is user-friendly. Remember, search engines will determine how convenient it is for clients to search for products on your site.

Your store should be convenient to navigate through a logical hierarchy of different categories. Make sure to avoid embedding external websites. For your website, adopt straightforward and logical URLs.

Registration of Store with Bing and Google

To tell search engines about your store, tell them about your existence and show them your website. It is significant to verify your store with Bing and Google. To verify a Shopify store with Bing and Google, you have to:

  • Deactivate password protection
  • Bing webmaster and Google Console will help you to signup. You can verify your Shopify store by HTML tag and meta tag.
  • Here are some important things to follow:
  • Copy generated codes
  • From Shopify Admin, explore online stores – themes- action – edit code – layout – theme.liquid

Paste generated codes in a code editor under the opening tag (head) and tap “Save”. To verify your business on Bing and Google, you have to follow on-screen instructions. Moreover, the sitemap is an important element of your website.

Fortunately, Shopify can automatically update and generate your sitemap. Finally, you have to create unique content for your store to attract customers.

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