How to Choose Car Part Painting Service

When buying painted auto body parts, it’s vital that you know how to choose the right painting service. While online suppliers of car parts can be convenient, they cannot provide the same customer service and support that a traditional business would. Choosing a paint job is a significant investment, and it can also add a substantial amount of money to your overall cost.

Online car part suppliers can’t provide customer service

You can find suppliers of automotive parts through marketplaces like Alibaba. You can check the product categories to find the right parts for your vehicle. You can also search for auto parts by brand, model, or year. Some websites also feature mini-stores dedicated to one manufacturer brand or make. You can view the top 5 items for each category and drill down to narrow your search.

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A good paint job is essential for the longevity of the car part. The paint should be uniform and without defects. It should not differ from the other parts in its appearance and function, and there should be no paint marks or dust on the windows or mirrors. After painting, the car part must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid varnish and paint residue, which may harm the part.


Car part painting can be a costly process. It involves sanding and preparation of the bodywork, as well as painting the part with quality paint. The costs vary based on color, finish, and size. For instance, the cost of painting the body of a large SUV will be higher than painting a small coupe.

The cost of painting a car part can range between $200 and $400, depending on the type of painting and the services required. Paint sealing is also a common service offered by many car painting services. While a basic wax finish will not cost much, it can add $100 to $200 to the final bill. More advanced finishes are more expensive.

The paint job usually covers the exterior body panels, including the hood and trunk. Extras like racing stripes, metal flakes, and candy coat colors will add to the price. You should also consider the cost of fixing any damage on the part that needs painting.


It is significant to read all the customers have to say about the business with painted auto parts. You can always understand how professional is the service from the testimonials. So, take your time and read carefully. Besides, you can always ask relatives or friends as they will tell you all about their personal experiences. And then you can decide. For example, you can find well-known and reputable companies that provide in Chicago painted auto parts, such as

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