Does a Car Battery Size Really Matter?

Car battery sizes absolutely matter. In fact, the right size is vital for your vehicle to function properly. You will find that a small car will take a much smaller battery than a heavy-duty truck. Therefore, this is what you should know about car batteries.

Different Levels of Power

Most car batteries are 12 volts. However, this voltage can vary depending on the state of your vehicle. For example, a fully-charged battery in a vehicle that is not running is typically 12.6 volts. However, when you turn your car on, the voltage increases up to 14.5 volts because the alternator boosts its power. As your voltage increases, so does your battery’s power.

However, the amperage or current in your battery can be significantly different from other vehicle batteries. Your amps typically reflect the number of electronic accessories in your vehicle. Your cold-cranking amps may range from 450 to 750.

You get the watts of your battery by multiplying its amps by its volts. Watts suggests how much energy your battery pumps out every second. Batteries drain faster if more watts are used per second. High-powered batteries are necessary for powerful engines, so your battery could be 400 to 6,000 watts.

Battery Types

You will likely find two types of car batteries. Deep-cycle batteries are used in construction equipment and, ironically, low-powered cars. Cars, trucks, and buses that need a lot of electricity use standard batteries. Also, different areas of the country should have different batteries. For example, warm climates with significant rain and no or very little snow may benefit from deep-cycle batteries.

Car batteries also come in a few varieties: lithium-ion, lead-acid or lead-calcium batteries. This choice depends on your vehicle’s needs. The weight of these choices differs significantly as well. For example, electric vehicle batteries are much heavier than fossil fuel batteries, and they need an EV battery charging cable.

Vehicle batteries also have different compositions. Traditional batteries have lead plates and acid in cells, typically six cells. They tend to be the least expensive option. Enhanced flooded batteries are sturdier and have added stability, so they can handle higher power bursts. Although they are more expensive, EFB batteries tend to last longer.

Absorbent glass matt batteries tend to be the best available, especially if your vehicle is loaded with electronic options or you do a lot of off-roading. You can find them in luxury or high-performance cars, but they are the most expensive battery type you can buy.

Essential Vehicle Information You Need

To choose your battery, you should have your vehicle’s make, model, and year. You should also know the reserve capacity your battery needs, the size of your battery, and the power your vehicle needs. You can use your VIN number to choose the right battery, but you can also check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specifications.

Your old battery can also provide you with the information you need as long as the right battery was put in the vehicle. This can be tricky if your car was purchased used. In this case, refer to the owner’s manual. You can also search online or in parts stores for the battery.If you are unsure how to install your battery or Lectron EV battery charging cable, get help from a qualified professional.

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