Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

The Internet is the most effective platform for communication as it the most revolutionary invention of humankind. And now when everyone is digital, online marketing became essential for businesses to make their digital presence. Often people confuse and think that social media marketing is an alternative to digital marketing. However, social media marketing is a part of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes social media marketing, email marketing, business SMS texting, etc. Social media marketing is doing any marketing activities in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. To give a solution to your confusion, we are also providing some brief information about the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing in this article.

Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Here we have provided all the necessary information for you to understand the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means promoting any service or products or even business through the digital channel to drive sales. Digital marketing includes a vast number of methods and platform to execute marketing activities in the digital channels. 

The key objectives of digital marketing are

  • To grow sales of product or services of your company
  • Creates brand awareness 
  • Build a relationship with the targeted audience 
  • Add value to your product or services
  • Promote your products or services or brand
  • And much more

One crucial aspect to know that it is not required to cover all accessible digital media marketing channels in your marketing campaign to achieve your goals. Digital marketers are specialized in developing a customized and individual strategy of digital marketing that includes the usual relevant digital marketing channels that suit your business, target audience, and last but not the least your budget.

Using every digital marketing channels is not a rational decision in every case, and doing so may not lead to a positive outcome. The selection of digital media channels varies depending on the nature of your industry, business, and type of audience.

For this variation, you frequently need to examine, make changes, re-examine and calculate the results of your digital marketing campaigns to discover the way that works best for your brand or business. Based on these outcomes, you can terminate those digital marketing channels, which fail to present satisfying growth or ROI.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the many aspects of digital marketing. It uses social media platforms or channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Goggle+, Snapchat, etc. to execute marketing activities for promoting products, services or brands.

Typically, it includes a few elements of marketing that are related to the audience, and these factors are

  • Engaging the target audience 
  • Creates engagement with followers
  • Uses seeking industry influencers 
  • Posting fresh and unique content
  • Arranging contests 
  • Adopting a variety of other means to grab the attention of the audience present on different social media channels

What is Digital Marketing Tools?

Convenient digital marketers have to be active on various panels simultaneously to keep up with the competition in the industry. Digital marketers need to go in-depth within information or data or align your marketing strategy. These various digital marketing tools support you to conserve your time and keep you on track.

Some of the digital marketing tools according to the process involves.

  • Paid social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media channels
  • Website analytics
  • Video hosting tools
  • Content creation tools
  • SEO tools
  • Customer service tools
  • Display retargeting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content curation
  • Organic social media marketing

Importance of social media marketing in a digital marketing campaign

Today when internet users are increasing, and a large number of these internet users are online at this moment, the world is a bit more active. Researches claim that people who are internet users spend 30% of their time on social media platforms. If you want to take your business in front of these people and take your business on a global stage, then social media marketing is essential.

Most of the business or brands observes a better outcome from a social media marketing campaign than other forms of digital marketing. But to achieve the maximum outcome, just concentrating on social media marketing is not enough. To attain the foremost ROI companies have to include the other components of digital marketing to have a full-proof marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

From all the information above now, you know that digital marketing and social media marketing are not the same. And social media marketing is a part of digital marketing. To make it more clear here, we will provide the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing in a straightforward form.

Digital marketing

  • Digital marketing uses offline and online platforms to reach the targeted audience.
  • A digital marketing campaign can use various channels for marketing, such as mobile advertisements, TV, online advertising, Email, Telephone, SMS, etc.
  • In digital marketing, marketers can only use banner advertisements in different digital platforms such as the internet and television etc.

Social media marketing

  • Social media marketing cannot use any offline platforms, and it is limited within the online platforms
  • The main focus of social media marketing is to use one or more than one social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing.
  • With social media, marketing outcomes are highly dependent on content strategy. Marketers create and post new and unique contents to interact and engage with the target audience.

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Final Verdict

So now you probably have the basic idea about the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing. Digital marking is a vast subject where social media marketing is a chapter of it. But social media marketing is now a significant form of digital marketing because of the number of users of social media channels and the time they spend there.

As a business or a brand, you may not want to missout the chunk of the potential audience of your product or services that you could get from social media. So if you are making your digital marketing strategy, then it is very crucial to include social media marketing and put sufficient focus on it.

 Because social media can also create brand awareness, and through your content, you can interact and engage with your target audience.

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