Will Double Glazing Reduce Noise from Outside?

Homeowners in urban areas often deal with a major problem; noise. Noise pollution is caused by various activities, including human and mechanical activities. Noise pollution can affect the quality of your life, deter your ability to focus and concentrate, impede your mental understanding and performance, and overall affect the quality of your sleep. Addressing noise pollution can be a step towards improving the quality of your life.

One of the least considered ways to address noise pollution is through soundproof double glazing windows. Windows do not just allow natural light into your space; it also interfaces with the exterior environment and may contribute to the amount of noise entering your home. On your mission to address noise pollution, you may want to install a double-glazing window. Before making the decision, it is natural to have a few questions about the effectiveness of this investment in noise reduction. The remaining section of this article addresses some of the common questions you may ask.

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Do Double-Glazed Windows Reduce Outside Noise?

Yes. Installing double-glazed windows can reduce the amount of noise entering your home from the outside. If you want a quieter and more relaxing indoor space, a double-glazed window installation is a great way to get started. A range of factors affects the amount of noise blocked by this investment, including the quality of the double-glazed window screens, their proximity, and others.

How do Double-Glazed Windows Reduce Outside Noise?

To understand how double-glazed windows work, especially for noise reduction, you need to first understand how sound waves travel. When a sound is made, the pressure wave of the sound vibrates through space, hits your single glazed window, vibrates through the single pane, and enters into your space to reach your ear – all of these happening instantaneously. For a single glazed window, the sound waves do not encounter much resistance, thus making it easier to penetrate through and reach your ears at a louder level.

On the other hand, with double-glazed window screens, a higher level of obstruction is placed in the way of the sound wave. Double glazed panes are made from two distinct glass panes that are separated by air or inert gas. The sound wave has to pass through the multiple different chambers of the double-glazed window, which wears it out before it reaches the inside of your home and your ears. Depending on how loud the noise was, there are chances that you may not hear it at all due to the barriers in its way.

How Much Sound Can Your Double-Glazed Window Block?

Before investing in a double-glazed window, it is natural to want to know how much protection you’ll be getting from this investment. The answer depends on various factors, including the type of double-glazed windows you’ve purchased and installed. For example, a thicker double-glazed window with panes 3mm thick and 6mm apart offers more noise reduction properties than another with half the thickness and distance apart.

For a quick understanding of the level of sound protection you can expect; consider the summary below:

  • 4mm glass panes with a 12mm gap offer as much as 19% voice noise reduction. 
  • 10mm glass panes with a 6mm gap offer as much as 34% voice noise reduction. 
  • 6mm and 4mm glass panes with 100mm gap offer as much as 57% traffic noise reduction.

Going by the data above, the thickness of the glass panes and the distance between them can affect the quality of noise reduction offered. Laminated glass panes offer much more noise reduction properties when compared to traditional glass panes.

The Difference Between Soundproofing and Noise Reduction

When choosing a double-glazed window pane, it is important to understand the difference between noise reduction and soundproofing. Understanding the differences between these two can help you to better manage your expectations.

Noise reduction deals with reducing the entrance of sound waves into your interior space, while soundproofing aims to block off the entrance or exit of sound from your property. It may be impossible to achieve 100% soundproofing via a double-glazed window.

How Installing Double-Glazed Windows Can Improve Your Life 

Installing a double-glazed window on your property offers a wide range of advantages to improve your health and wellness. Some of the commonly associated advantages include:

  • Lower stress levels.
  • Improved night’s sleep.
  • Improved physical health.
  • Improved auditory and cognitive function.
  • Increased comfort in the indoor living space.

If you are looking to reduce the impact and effect of noise pollution on your health, installing a double-glazed window may be a suitable option. However, remember that double-glazed window requires care and maintenance.

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