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Dragon Vs Tiger Trick

Dragon Tiger is one of the newly emerging casino games. It is fast-paced and that is why it is gaining popularity among users. It first originated in Cambodia but has now made a mark in the online market as well. 

At first, Dragon Tiger may seem like a straightforward game. However, there are some Dragon vs. Tiger tricks that can increase your Dragon Tiger win probability. 

Below we’ve enlisted 8 common Dragon Tiger winning tricks for you. 

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Dragon Tiger Game Tricks and Tips 

Dragon and Tiger game is a unique combo of Baccarat and Casino War. And here we’ve asked our gambling experts to dig out some Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks for you. 

Try to Bet Only on Dragon or Tiger

This is probably the best advice anybody could give you. Bet either on Dragon or Tiger. These two have a winning probability of 50:50, alongside huge cash prizes. 

However, if you still go for the tie, your winning probability will be low with a whopping house edge of 32.77%. While in the case of Dragon or Tiger, the house edge is the lowest among every possible bet. It is 3.73%. 

Don’t Place a Bet on the Tie

Though we’ve mentioned it earlier in the tip, it is important to mark it separately as well. Placing a bet on both Dragon and Tiger will not be a good idea. And you need to be exceptionally lucky to win this bet. 

The payout in case of a tie is 8:1, which is quite lucrative. But don’t miss on the house edge as well. It is 32.77%. 

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Count Cards That Match the Dragon Tiger

If you keep track of cards while playing Dragon Tiger, your chances of winning the game increase. For instance, keeping track of 7s, the losing cards, will help you know when to place your bet. 

Watch the Dealer

Observing the dealer can be a game-winning trick in any casino card game. Likewise, if you learn to watch the dealer in Dragon Tiger, you will be able to predict his consecutive Dragons or Tigers and win multiple times in a row. 

Limit the Combination of Different Betting Methods

Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game. Therefore, we suggest you apply simple methods to it. Do not overthink and tend to go for complicated combinations. Such methods have never worked for any player and we suggest you not invest your time in them. 

Learn to Guess Results 

In Dragon Tiger, having a watchful eye can help you in the long run. If you keep observing the winning and losing streaks in the game, you can predict when to place your bets and win consecutively. For instance, if you can pick the winning streak from the beginning, you will be able to win in the long run. 

Select Trusted Dealer to Play 

If you’re playing with real money, choosing a reputable casino does count. After all, you’re investing your money in it. Try to look for the dealers with a lower house edge, as they’re reputable and do offer guides for beginners on how to play and where to deposit.

Explore the Game Payouts 

Before you excitedly dive into real money betting, we suggest exploring the system a little. Familiarise yourself with Dragon Tiger’s gameplay. And then, learn the terms and conditions of your chosen casino, alongside their payouts, as different casinos offer different payouts. 

Dragon Tiger betting odds

Total 100%-3.735%


Dragon Tiger is a chance-based game. You either win or lose with a 50:50 probability in both. So, in such circumstances, if you’ve been given some Dragon Tiger tricks, you should know they’re not 100% guaranteed. These tips are only to increase your chances of winning. 

Also, the Dragon Tiger winning tricks we’ve mentioned above are tested by our experienced gamblers. And these will surely help you to avoid newbie mistakes.

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