Collectible Card Games – 7 Best CCGs

Have collectible card games (CCGs) gone out of style? No, they haven’t! In recent years there have been some very interesting new releases, and the “oldies” are releasing regular updates, improving graphics, and adding new content. You can find more collecting smartphone games on appslikethese.

This selection – both for those who know the genre, and for those who are just planning to try it. Learn about the 7 best CCGs and choose the most interesting option for yourself!

1. Magic the Gathering: Arena – the Best Part of the Legendary Series

Magic the Gathering: Arena is a game with a 25-year history, from the “real” board card game to a dozen computer versions.

Game Features:

  • about 2000 cards – creatures, spells, planeswalkers, mana, artifacts, potions, and others;
  • multicolored cards – five colors, multicolored and colorless, a bunch of combinations because of this;
  • interesting tournaments – with drawing random cards and pre-assembled decks;
  • real opponents only – maybe the AI just couldn’t handle memorizing ALL the combinations.

Easy to learn but hard to master, beautiful, deep, and not for everyone. Not sure you’ll fall in love, but it’s worth a try.

2. Hearthstone is One of the Most Popular CCGs in the World

Hearthstone – it was with this creation of Blizzard for many people began their acquaintance with the genre of CCGs. The game is much more casual than “Magic”, but that is its beauty.

Game Features:

  • without the hassles of color – accumulate mana, lay out the cards, you can figure it out intuitively;
  • a dozen classes – heroes with unique features, their own chips on collecting decks;
  • regular updates – a lot of new maps, dungeons, boosters, skins;
  • scuffle – special weekly mode with new funny, sometimes crazy rules.

There are battles with AI, maps are given generously (and you can spray them to create new ones), the graphics are great, plus, as a bonus, the characters from “Warcraft” that many people love.

3. Eternal is a Beautiful Free Game

Eternal is something in between the two aforementioned games. It has the casualness of “Hartstone” and the colorful maps of “Hoe.”

Features of the game

  • in-depth strategy – layout mana cards, attack and defend sorcery;
  • lots of modes – tournaments, events, draft, “sealed league”, fun games with simple rules;
  • single-player campaign – take part in the battle for the throne and fight powerful bosses;
  • generous rewards – boosters and gold are distributed almost for every correct action.

The authors managed to create their own world with unique characters and history. A worthy representative of the genre!

4. Minion Masters – Three-Dimensional Arena with Minions.

Minion Masters is a cute three-dimensional game in which players release minions on the field, but do not control them further.

Game Features:

  • choice of modes – 1 on 1 and 2 on 2, draft with random cards, meat grinder with random rules;
  • PvE Challenges – Dive into dungeons with other players, earn rewards;
  • over a hundred creatures – area attack, healing allies, heaps of special abilities.

And also a variety of heroes, timed events, free add-ons, skins, arenas. And cybersports, of course.

5. Artifact – the Dota 2 Card Game

Artifact is an attempt to create a Dota 2 CCI, but unfortunately not a very successful one. In the beginning, it was interesting.

Game Features:

  • three battlefields – play on all of them simultaneously, destroy towers on two of them;
  • over 300 maps and more than 40 heroes – tanks, assassins, mages, and assistants responsible for the buffs;
  • your own rules – create tournaments with friends, determining the number of creatures, mana, limits.

The game was beautiful, the mechanics were interesting, but unfortunately, it was quickly abandoned. No new additions and virtually no online.

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6. Dota Underlords – KKI on Dota 2, One More Attempt

Dota Underlords – this game was surprisingly successful. And it’s absolutely no matter that Valve took all the ideas from the author’s mod. It’s not the first time.

Features of the Game:

  • it’s chess – place the soldiers on the 9 by 9 field, move towards each other;
  • interesting mechanics with the merger – three fighters turn into one strong, and again;
  • powerful alliances – pick up different heroes to earn powerful bonuses;
  • online and offline – play with real opponents and AI, on PC and mobile devices.

Soon promise to bring combat passes, “lord” avatars, seasonal character rotation. Reviews are great, online is great, games are short, dynamic, and interesting.

7. The Elder Scrolls: Legends – free CCG on the Popular RPG

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a cute, atmospheric, and not the most complex card game in the universe loved by many.

Features of the Game:

  • field with two lines – you have to maneuver between them, which adds tactics variety;
  • there is a story – the story of an elf who invaded the Empire to free the demons from the tower;
  • the rune system – some mechanics are built around destroying defensive runes, this is not found in other games.

Overall, the same as everywhere else – pretty maps, creatures and spells, interesting heroes, PvP and PvE. Interesting not only for TES fans.

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