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When life gets stuck in reality, the realm of anime welcomes you in its aura to give you breath and relief from your claustrophobic stressful situations. The magical fantasy anime world is replenished with everything that you can never experience in your real-life circumstances. Now, who doesn’t want to fly with the fantasy in the free world of anime when this world is ready to take you to the highest point of limitless excursion of the extravagant enigmatic entertainment. If you think that even if it sounds very exciting but it would be impossible to explore something like that in any of your anime entertainment content then this time try to take a real-time ride to the reel time journey of the most popular series Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon to have the most authentic experience of magnetism of the fantasy world. 

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Series Name…Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (2020)

  • Ratings: 7.2/10
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • Directed by: Teruo Satô, Katsuya Oshima, Satoshi Toba, and others
  • Casts: Sara Matsumoto, Mikako Komatsu, Azusa Tadokoro, and others


The plot of the series began when two half-demon twin sisters got separated in an accident and when one sister had come to the modern civilization and was raised by a good foster family then the other sister had spent their childhood in another world. When these two sisters reunited after ten years the younger sister forgot about her older sister and their journey of searching the mysterious past of their lives had begun with another girl who was also a daughter of the foster parents of the older sister.


In Feudal, Japan, two half-demon twins named Towa and Setsuna got detached from each other because of an incident of fire in the forest. When Towa who was the older one was desperately searching for her younger sister, she got into a mysterious tunnel that took her to the modern days of Japan where she was rescued and brought up by a man called Sota along with his kind-hearted family and Sota who was the brother of Kagome Higurashi. After ten long years, Towa was reunited with her younger sister Setsuna through the reopened tunnel. Now, Setsuna who had become a demon slayer working for Kohaku had lost her memories and couldn’t remember anything about her older sister Towa who is also very close to her adopted younger sister named Mei in her present life. Setsuna had lost her memory because a magical demon butterfly had stolen her memory. Now, these two sisters had kind with one of their hunter cousins called Moroha who is also a 14-year-old daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha to restore the memory of Setsuna while searching for their mysterious past. Now, to dig down their missing past you have to join them in their adventurous journey to stay with them for the longest time download Crunchyroll videos with the flixpal Crunchyroll video downloader.

The Secret Sights of the Story

Being a typical anime content, this series is also not an exception to fantasy, drama, mystery, magic, and enigmatic energy. However, despite being a conventional anime series, the story of this series would take you in different directions in life which is very relatable and real. The projection of love, bond, and emotion between two sisters would make you feel compassionate and sympathetic to these characters. On the other hand, the most positive and protective character of the foster parents is very much inspiring and encouraging. Different aspects and situations of this story are immensely influential and on the other hand, it leads you through a very unconventional learning experience in a most entertaining way. Along with this the introduction and execution of the magical elements and mysterious situations have been incorporated in the story in such a natural way, that it doesn’t seem irrelevant or superficial. Everything in this story has been placed on the demand of the relatable situation or characters. So, to get completely consumed with the enigma of this engaging story, you must get ready with your offline watch with high-quality download Crunchyroll videos.

Our Verdict

This award-nominated story doesn’t need any other verdict or approval to watch but it surely needs your appreciation and applause for giving you one of the best anime content ever. While watching this series you would feel like being an active part of the story. The magnetic manifestation of the story would yank you in its journey in such a manner that it would be hard for you to keep yourself detached from its magnetism. The repeat watch of this series with the flixpal Crunchyroll video downloader would give you absolute freedom to travel through your fantasy world as long as you want in your terms and conditions.

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